Help my friend with a problem with her swimming pool?

My friend has a 3 1/2' X 16' vinyl doughboy pool with filter and has what appears to be algae of some sort growing along the bottom of the pool, grey-brown in color, which when vaccuumed up will reappear within two hours. She has used 4 different types of algaecide, and all of her water tests well for chlorine, pH, alkanlinity levels. She has followed the advice of the pool place in town, and is using shock treatment and chlorine granules. She has used Algaegard, Ultima Total Control (shock and algaecide), Algae Control and Copper Algaecide for black algae. Still, she has to vaccuum it 5 times a day to keep it looking clean!

She is ready to fold the pool up for summer unless anyone

can help and is saying "phooey on doughboys!"'

I kind of wanted to go swimming this summer, haha, any ideas?


Hey T Emmet: My friend with the pool says now that you have a nice inground pool and are not married, can we come over and swim at your place? She will just fold hers up and put it away! LOL!

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    Please contact me at Include the readings from the latest pool store water analysis. If she doesn't have one then please take a sample and have them test for the following:

    Total chlorine

    Free chlorine

    Combined chlorine




    Cyanuric acid

    Total dissolved solids



    Don't purchase anything at the pool store as she's obviously dumped a LOT of money so far. Together we can get the pool cleared up and ensure this problem never reappears.... for the least amount of money and effort.

    Source(s): Registered CPO (Certified Pool Operator) with the National Swimming Pool Federation and maintaining public access swimming pools for many years now.
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    Based on my own experience, the problem is with the filter. You didn't mention what type of filter is used but more than likely, the filter is not doing its job anymore, probably due to age.

    I too was fed up w/the doughboy so I broke it down, gave it to my ex-wife, and invested in an in-ground pool (once she re-married and I no longer had to cut her an alimony those checks are paying for the new pool!)

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    We have had this problem in one of our water troughs for our horses. We never used algaecides or chlorine but try vinegar. It may kill off whatever is growing in there. About a cup for every 5 gallons, a 1:80 ratio should do it. That may be a bit weak so try adding a little bit more if the problem persists.

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    gray-brown is somewhat ordinary. yet i could try Coral Seas Yellow Out precisely as in keeping with label classes. No brushing required, in simple terms carry on with and run pump for twenty-four hours. Vacuum and supply the clear out a stable cleansing. upload chlorine afterwards because of the fact the Yellow Out reasons it to be ate up interior the technique. If it does not artwork take a water pattern to the pool shop (they are loving you thru now) and ask them to attempt for metals, iron noticeably.

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    We had the same problem with our doughboy pool last week and we had to take it down... What a waste! From what we were told there isn't anything you can do other than drain it and bleach the pool.... SUCKS!

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    maybe try so household bleach from a store, 1-2 dollars a gallon and make sure the filter is clean to. those pummps dont actually circulate the water enough.

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    take a water sample to your local pool store and/or explain the algae and they will give you the appropriate chemicals

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