african amerciacan looking for dermatologist for tatto removal..?

I'm an african american female looking for a dermatologist for a tattoo removal.I have a tatto i want removed and I'm looking for a dermatologist that knows about my skin type to remove the philadelphia,pa..

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    Prices for laser varies - we generally get about $60 quotes for our clients "to be."

    The problem with laser removal for you is that you are very prone to hypo pigmentation as a result. All too many times we see dark skinned clients in for cover pieces from bad laser work and half the tattoo is still there with spots of missing skin pigment.

    If you find someplace, be it a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, be very sure they have a lot of experience in dealing with your skin type.

    Good luck to you.

  • cpt m
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    1 decade ago

    Good luck...............the liquid "home remedy" methods on the

    market, don't work.

    Laser removal will cost you at least $100 a session and you

    will have many sessions that could last a year. The pain is

    worse than getting a tattoo......and it will leave a scar in the

    shape of the tattoo.

    Did you think of just getting another tat to cover the one you

    don't want?

    Source(s): tat artist, 20 yrs
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