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Good going away present for a coworker I've known for a long time?

Any suggetions? She's a female, 25 years old. Thanks!

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    i would say something that she can laugh about. maybe something that reminds her of her time in the workplace in a humorous way. maybe even pictures of hte two of you or of people in the office made into a nice collage so she doesn't forget where she started out. hope this helped.

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    I guess it depends on what the co-worker is in to. if you know them well enough to know what their hobbies are outside of work, you can play off of that. You could also just give them a gift card to a mall or an American Express gift card. I have received a ton of gift cards in the past and they are always so useful. I get to pick what I like and avoid the anxiety or guilt of feigning excitement when I get a gift that I am not fond of.

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    great bottle or CASE of wine if you can afford it and a rude novelty cork SCREW

    OH AND 2 GLASSES too share it with

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