Low or High Blood Sugar?

I have unexplained weight gain and even with exercise and watching what I eat I only manage to maintain my weight. My doctor said I have either high or low blood sugar. Could anyone tell me which one this is and explain it to me (serious answers only). I went to the doctor a while back for this and can't remember what he said.

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    It sounds like you need some general blood work done.

    Also, ignore the guy above me who is promoting a dangerous scam cure for diabetes.

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    First of all, if your doctor thought you had the high or low blood sugar I would think he would have done some blood work. Glucose levels are nothing to mess around with. Secondly, why don't you call his office and ask the nurse or make another appointment and talk to him about your concerns? There could be another underlying problem. Everyone is different and only you and the doctor can decide exactly what is going on with you. I will tell you this, to actually lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you use and increase your exercise. BUT talk it over with your doctor first and get the ok from him before starting any vigorous exercise. Specially if you're hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) as you can run your sugar too low while exercising and have serious complications. I am diabetic and eve my sugars fluctuate on occasion depending on what I might eat or how hard I am working out. Next time maybe take a notebook with you so you can keep track of what was said? My friend has to do that as she never remembers what her doctor says either ;) Good Luck!!

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    Hi, One problem with super high blood sugar levels is that you get sleepy. So you might have un-diagnosed diabetes, and drinking the milkshake can cause a problem. If you have a family history of diabetes, then ask someone with a meter to check your blood sugar sometime. Some pharmacies will give a free blood sugar level test - you just need to ask. If you have a level over 300, it indicates a need to see a doctor. Even levels over 150 indicate the need to see a doctor if it is taken after not eating for a few hours. But just after eating a milkshake, or something really sweet, the blood sugar can spike fairly high. You will do yourself a favor if you start to read a book about the glycemic index, and start to eat more foods that are lower on the glycemic index, these are foods that will turn into blood sugars at a slower rate. Good Luck!

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    Go to the library and check out the book by Dr. Sears, I think, it's called the Sears Diet. He suggests eating small balanced meals to keep yourself balanced. He goes into the insulin/sugar relationship in your body. My personal opinion is that people that gain weight may have a lot of problems with the above. Insulin makes you gain weight and put on fat. His book will explain it all and will help you make better choices in what you eat even if you don't follow his diet exactly. His diet isn't a crack pot kind of thing because he only wants balance and his ideas will keep your metabolism up. If you have high blood sugar, you have diabetes. Type II diabetics can't use the insulin their body produces so they have high blood sugar. Type I diabetics pancreas does not produce insulin and have to take insulin so that their body will process sugar. If you have either one, you need to be under a doctor's care. It is serious and without taking care of yourself, you will die a horrible death. Both types of diabetes are controllable with medication and good eating practices. If you are gaining weight you are probably Type II, like me. I'd be glad to help you in any way I can or give you any information I can. There are lots of signs that I wish someone had told me about years ago. I can be emailed. Just google in diabetes and start reading. And do it immediately.

    Oh and get rid of that doctor. He should not have let you out of the office without testing you further. You can go to WalMart-they have cheap testers and strips and most doctors will give you a glutrometer to test your sugar yourself. Don't rely on doctors. I went for years and my doctor didn't work to get my sugar down and I didn't do due dilligence. Who knows how much damage I did to my kidneys until I got a doctor that took it serious. And if you turn out not to be diabetic, you could be prediabetic. Are you an apple, do you have a tummy you can't get rid of? Do your gums bleed? Does your urine smell nutty? Do you have dark marks on your neck? On and on. I would not be diabetic today if I knew then what I know now. It's almost criminal. . .

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    Get you thyroid checked. I know diabetics who have hypothyroidism as well (low thyroxin level=slower metbolism). If it was to do with blood sugar levels I'd say High Blood sugar. It ends up just floating around in your body or stored as fat instead of being used to produce energy.

  • I am no Doctor, but when you are High your body is looking to break down sugar and can't so it eats itself away, this causes weight loss, and when you are Low your body has to much insulin which is a hormone, hormones make you gain weight. I hope this helps.

    Source(s): Type 1 Diabetic for 21 years
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    Have your thyroid check, it could be sluggish, they take a blood test for that.

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