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pokemon emerald?

On pokemon emerald version I cant get the door unlocked in the last gym for the 8th badge its really bugging me because I already unlocked victory road and cant get in the pokemon league, also where can i find all of the HM's in the game?


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    To fight the last gym there's some sort of drama that's gonna happen first. First, Archie and Maxie will release Kyogre and Groudon from their sleep and then these two huge pokemon is going to disrupt the earth with their weather powers. If you notice its raining one moment, then clearing up the next, the two legendaries are already lashing it all out in Sootopolis City!

    Of course, you can't escape your destiny. If you fly to Sootopolis City with the two monsters battling in the pond, you need to get to the Cave of Origin. Then you're going to meet people there, Wallace will meet you inside, he's going to tell you there's a third ancient pokemon and then he's going to ask you if you think you know where he is. You need to answer The Sky Pillar otherwise, he'll think youre wrong and youre gonna need to ask him again.

    Now, once you answer correctly, Wallace is going to say he is going to the Sky Pillar. Follow him, for sure you already have HM Dive. Go to find Pacifidlog Town and there's an island just before it, on the northern part of the map. That's Sky Pillar. Wallace is going to meet you at the entrance but he says Sootopolis is in danger and he's going to leave you. You need to get to the top of it and there you will find RAYQUAZA. Awaken him by talking to him and he'll fly off to Sootopolis. Follow him and then there's going to be a short movie about how Rayquaza calms Kyogre and Groudon down.

    There when everything's back to normal, I think Wallace will give you HM Waterfall that you'll need to climb up the large waterfall on your way to the Victory Road.

    There, hope I helped!

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    i cant help you with the HMs bot i can tell you how to get to the gym(oh and that other girl is wrong) ok to get to the gym and get inside all you have to do first are GROUDON and KYOGRE still battling out side the gym if they are all you have to do is go half way to pacifidaloge and you will see a small path that leads to a tower follow it go through the little cave (there is no pokemon in the cave) got to the top and you will see walace he talks to you and flees because of a little earthquake by the almighty RAYQUAZA follow the tower to the top and you will see rayquaza push a next to him and he will stop the fight. P.S. im sot sure if the earthquake is on the first or second trip

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    Crystal is the previous generation to Emerald. Fewer pokemon, different world... some people like the changes to the nextgen (emerald), others don't. Personally, I don't like the nextgen changes. Crystal is my favorite, but I'm downloading a pokemon Yellow rom (I can't find my actual game :( ) for nostalgia's sake :P But Crystal is best, IMO Short version: Crystal

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    You have to get through the cave in Sootopolis and catch Kyogre and Grouden.

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    go to route128 dive in the longest diving place and then u will a big hole and its team aqua and find kyogre that it that is how to unlock the 8th gym

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