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as a man , what do you really look for in a woman? smart? pretty? educated? inspires you ??

for exsample, my fiance is into school and am not - i hate school- i have a decent job -

i mean is that something that you would hate ?

i mean i totally encourage him to go back to school, but i just dont have a desire to get any kind of degree is that bad ?

i like artsy stuff, like theatre and playing the violin, i used to be into acting a lot - i just didnt know if maybe i was not inspiring him enough ?? he is currently unemployed so im the one bring in home the income , which i dont mind, because he was soppurting me , when i didnt have a job -

thanks for your opinion -

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    I have a Master Degree and will be working on my PhD as soon as I retire. My wife of 27 years has a high school diploma. My hobbies are art, poetry, writing and music. She likes some art, but not poetry (English is not her first language), and music to her is something she listens to, not performs. What we "do" like is each other's company and the fact that after 27 years we both feel like we're still on our honeymoon. What do I look for in a woman, someone who takes care of herself, who cares what she looks like everyday, no matter where she's going, even if she stays at home, someone who takes equal care of me and the house, supports me in my endeavors, never has a bad word to say about me in front of others, never has a "headache", and let's me pamper her in return (well, spoil her rotten is a better term).

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    I look for pretty eyes and a pretty smile and someone who is happy to see me. Anything else is icing on the cake. But who cares what I like - what do you like? Why are you posting this? Are you worried about something? Is he worried about you? Are you worried that he might be worried about you?

    Why don't you just talk to him? Nothing beats some nice snuggle-and-talk time when you've got worries.

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    well I look for a good, smart, educated, quality women!

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