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Is it ok to ask my mom to come over to my house to babysit instead of dropping my daughter off at her house?

I will be leaving my newborn baby for a few hours for the first time and i feel bad for asking my mom to come to my house instead of dropping my baby at her house. She has mold growing in her house and a annoying dog. I just feel really guilty.

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    for one: congrats on the new baby!

    do not feel guilty. it will be easier on the baby to be in her own house. And it will actually be easier for your mother b/c she will have all the baby's things.

    I would definitely ask her to come to your house. If you feel guilty; spin it that you want to make it easier for her.

  • I Imagine it would be okay.... i would feel the same way............You should talk to you mom explain to her that you would feel more comfortable with her watching the baby at your house ....for safety reasons and if you feel that guilty explain to her about the mold because mold can be harmful tell her you just dont want the baby to get sick because of the molds....And the dog.....Is a little loud , And obnoxios may be

    well good luck and i hope your mom doesnt mind coming to your house to watch the baby

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    Not at all. If you feel more comfortable w/ her coming to your house instead you'll be more at ease while your out and about. If your mother needs a ride to your house, you should pick her up or if gas is issue then you might to pay for her to come to your house.

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    Do what most parents do- find a responsible babysitter. You can use her occasionally if you feel her house is clean enough and the dog is not a threat, but that's it.

    Mold is deadly, especially to 'baby' lungs.

    You should not ask her to come to your house, it's a big enough favor just to watch your child for free. I charge parents $150 a week to watch one child full-time. Keep that in mind:)

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    I think your ideal is smart. Protecting your baby's health

    should not make you feel guilty. Keeping your home

    neat and clean is very important when caring for a


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    Hey, I hear ya. Don't feel guilty. If there is a mold or safety problem, then just stick to your guns.

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    If she agrees with that, don't feel guilty, usually grandparents take excellent care of their grandchildren, and she will understand why you prefer to keep your baby at your house.

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    it's easier for her to come to you instead of having to pack up everything you would need for a newborn. everything is there. it only makes sense for her to come to you. you are doing the right thing. don't think twice about it. good luck on your 1st outing.

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    I would imagine it is okay to ask your mom. Why not? You're not being selfish or ridiculous. It's a request. Just talk to her.

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    yea i think it is. it is not like she is going to be mad at u and if she says no just find some1 else

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