What is the best evidense to support creationism?

hey atheists...if your gonna answer this put something legit dont just say "there is no good evidense nah nah nah......" Of course i agree with you but i want to hear the best evidence AGAINST evolution. Thanks

PS please include faith I am interested to see how different faiths answer

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    I don't know about "best"; that is pretty subjective. But, let me give you one of the many arguments for the existence of God, the Cosmological Argument.

    The argument is simply this: The cosmos is here and must be explained as to how it got here. This argument is using the law of cause and effect, which states: Every effect must have a preceding and adequate cause. What does it mean by adequate? Well, the building didn’t collapse because a mosquito landed on it. The tsunami didn’t hit because someone threw a pebble into the ocean.

    Now, when it comes to explaining the existence of the universe, you only get three possibilities: (1) the universe is eternal (it has always been here), (2) the universe created itself, or (3) something created the universe. There is no other possibility except to claim that the universe is simply an illusion and does not exist—but I don’t think you would buy that. So let’s examine these three possibilities to see which is the most reasonable.

    First, is the universe eternal? Absolutely not. We know this is true because of the universally recognized second law of Thermodynamics (the law of energy decay or entropy). This law states that everything goes downhill from order to disorder, more usable energy to less. This law is the reason why heat flows from hot to cold and why this building will fall apart if it is not kept up with. If someone doesn’t believe in the second law of thermodynamics, just challenge them to live forever; even with this awesome machinery we have in our bodies, you will eventually wear out and die.

    We can see that the universe is running down and wearing out; the stars are burning up, the radioactive atoms are decaying, etc. As Psalm 102:26 says, the heavens “will wear out like a garment.” Given enough time, the universe will experience what some call a “heat death” where there is maximum entropy; every part of the universe will be the same temperature, and no further work will be possible; all energy will be evenly distributed.

    Eternal things obviously do not wear out because they would have had an infinite amount of time to come to their end. Since you cannot have an end without a beginning, the universe must have had a beginning. Evolutionary astronomer Dr. Robert Jastrow said, “Now three lines of evidence—the motions of the galaxies, the laws of thermodynamics, the life story of the stars—pointed to one conclusion; all indicated that the Universe had a beginning.” And everything that has a beginning has a cause. This building had a beginning, you had a beginning, therefore there must have been a preceding and adequate cause.

    The evolutionists know this and so they came up with the “big bang” theory from that “cosmic egg” (the universe exploded into existence). But there is still a major problem—you have to explain where that “cosmic egg” came from. As it has been said, “There must be a cosmic chicken.”

    Some scientists like Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov proposed the oscillating universe theory to avoid a beginning. This theory states that the universe acts like a yo-yo; it explodes and then gravity pulls it back in, and then the process repeats itself over and over. But the second law of Thermodynamics still refutes that idea, since each cycle would exhaust more and more usable energy. The universe is not eternal!

    Ok, that brings us to the second possibility: Did the universe create itself? I think Hebrews 3:4 answers that pretty well, “...every house is built by someone...”

    Let’s say I walk into my livingroom and see a crayon drawing of our family on the wall. When I ask my daughter where it came from, will I accept her answer of, “It just appeared there; it came from nothing”? Her grandparents might, but I won’t.

    It is pretty clear that something cannot bring itself into existence. As R.C. Sproul has said, “It is impossible for something to create itself. The concept of self-creation is a contradiction in terms, a nonsense statement . . . It would have to have the causal power of being before it was. It would have to have the power of being before it had any being with which to exercise that power.” As it has been said, “Nothing scratched its head one day and decided to become something.” I’m sorry to have to drop this bombshell on you, but from nothing, comes nothing.

    Besides, the First Law of Thermodynamics (the law of energy conservation) argues against it. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that in a closed system (without a God, this Universe would have to be a closed system) the amount of energy present in that system is constant (it cannot be created or destroyed), it can only be converted from one form to another. So, if the Universe initially contained no energy, and then it spontaneously generated all of the energy in the Universe now, the First Law would be violated. Without intervention from an outside force, the amount of energy in the Universe would have remained constant and unchanged at zero.

    And now the third possibility: Did something create the universe? If the universe is not eternal and could not have created itself, then the only remaining alternative is that the universe was created by something or Someone. This would have to be a transcendent, eternal, self-existing being. I can find only one satisfactory explanation to our conundrum, and that is found in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

    Someone may argue, “If the universe needs a cause, then why doesn’t God need a cause; who created God?” The answer is, everything that has a beginning has a cause; God, unlike the universe, did not have a beginning. Time is linked to matter and space (as we can see from Einstein’s general relativity). If God created the universe, then He created time along with matter and space. If God created time, then He is outside of time and doesn’t need a beginning.

    What is more absurd, to believe that God Created everything out of nothing or that nothing turned itself into everything? The fact is, we live in a Universe that is an effect. There must be a preceding and adequate cause for it. The only thing that makes sense is a Creator who is more powerful than anything we can imagine.

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    The best evidence against evolution has very little to do with creationism except for the fact that if evolution does not occur, then creation is the only other explanation. It is interesting that both sides seem to avoid directly answering your your question. Even those who agree with your conclusions about evolution have not answered you, but ridiculed you. The best evidence against evolution is mathematical probability. Evolutionists admit that the probability of the right atoms and molecules falling into place to form just one simple protein molecule is 1 in 10to the113th power, or 1 followed by 113 zeros. That number is larger than the estimated total number of atoms in the universe! Mathematicians dismiss as never taking place anything that has a probability of occurring of less than 1 in 10to the 50th power. But far more than one simple protein molecule is needed for life. Some 2,000 different proteins are needed just for a cell to maintain its activity, and the chance that all of them will occur at random is 1 in 10 to the 40,000th power.

    Evolution has not been replicated in any laboratory. It would seem that it would be simpler to bring all elements together under controlled conditions to create life than for it to happen spontaneously in nature.

    Jehovah's Witness

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    Best evidence supporting Creationism or Intelligent Design:

    a) Abiogenesis. Very unlikely for self-replicating systems to have self-assembled along with micelles, and to have formed the DNA->mRNA->protein system we have today.

    b) Complex biochemical systems within cells that are so complex that it's difficult to imagine how they might have evolved.

    c) The "Cambrian Explosion."

    Best evidence against evolution:

    None. Zip zero zilch nada bupkes. Sorry, evolution happens.


    Pascalian Protestant Christian.

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    You asked for the best evidence to support creationism, but then said "of course i agree with you but i want to hear the best evidence AGAINST evolution".

    Which is it?

    You're aware, I hope, that evidence against evolution would not be evidence for creationism. Right?

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    DNA and the human body are far too complex to be thrown together by long periods of chance mutation, and natural selection. DNA is a very complex organic computer program that could never evolve out of such occurrences. So either you believe in the ET seed theory that such an organism was planted here by alien beings, or in a Designer who dwells in the eternal.

    Now, suppose a secular scientist were sent to investigate a meteor that impacted the earth. Upon scraping the crust away, the scientist is amazed to find a perfect, sphere of polished metal. Back at the lab, he sees that he can unscrew the hemispheres apart. Inside he finds a very elaborate system of gyros, propulsion and visual cameras. If damaged, the internal systems can repair itself. Would the scientist marvel at how long it took to have such a mechanism accidentally evolve in space? Or would he choose to believe it was created by an advanced designer somewhere outside of terrestrial domain? Because he is a secular scientist, he has no problem with thinking the latter. Yet if we say we believe in a Creator, we are branded as unscientific or mindless zealots. Humanism and atheism has taken over the power structure of the science community so that any use of the Bible as a source of possibility will be squelched and demeaned with extreme prejudice.

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    Okay, I support evolution. However, spell check, and also, evidence against evolution isn't evidence for creationism. Disproving one theory doesn't prove another. There could be a third theory out there.

  • Sorry dude but it must be said....."There is no good evidence against evolution"....creationism is NOT a science...it is as much a fairy tale as the great works of the brothers Grimm......

    No faith...I'm an atheist....

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    There is none, of course, but if there were, the best kind would be the discovery of a mechanism which puts a limit on genetic change.

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    Open your door, see the sky, birds, grass, trees, flowers, clouds, all show intelligent design. There for, with intelligent design, you have to have a Creator to create.

    Now, isn't that starry sky at night one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen?

    Doesn't the smile of a baby or child looking up at you with delight and appreciation make your hear rejoice?

    Then all the things, little and big, that we enjoy and bring us such keen delight, had to have come from a loving God who is searching for those who are searching for him so that he can draw them close to himself and teach them how to benefit themselves.

    Source(s): Jehovah's Christian Witnesses
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    The world around us. The complexity of the human body.

    * Apostolic Pentecostal

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