What is the Islamic definition of equal?

Please tell me, because per my atheist brain, it does not compute how many of you relate and define it.

Example: If men and women are equal in the cult of Islam, then why don't men wear burkas and niqab (aside from jihad and murderous, terrorist rampages)? Or, why aren't women afforded the chance the drive in Islamic paradises like Saudi Arabia?

Just two examples. I could go on for days, weeks...months.


Goddamn Nunya,

If you have nothing pertinent to add, then it's only one thing left to do...acquire some demo and some det cord, and go blow yourself up for allah. You know allah loves him some martyrs.

Update 2:

...or was it Mortars?

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    my guess is "everyone is equal before God" thats the only equality a monotheistic religion can attest to...As for the social equality, thats the result of the same religion saying "you were born into this because of God's will"....go figure...

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    I'll answer your 'examples.'

    Both men and women are supposed to be covered up; men from their waist till down and women from shoulders till down. Both of them are supposed to wear loose clothes. Women themselves don't have to wear burka...but hijab is necessary. Niqab is again, woman's choice, if she wants to cover her face, then she'll do it.

    As far as why women can't drive in Saudi Arabia...well, that's the Saudi law...NOT Islamic law. Women drive in Pakistan.

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    dear..before the answer I have to notice that the driving isn't illegal (Haram) for women...Saudi Arabia is not the ideal country of Islam.

    about Equal...really there is different definition of it is Islam.

    it's not like the western there is no completely sameness but there is equalization.


    in Islam..they are the same in front of religion and law

    but women have to be more conservative (in positive meaning) than men

    but men have to spend for women (in the family)

    it's like points for them and points for them..

    but not men are better than women

    and not women are better than men

    they are equal in front of Allah and law..

    they are not he same in physiological and psychoanalysis...


  • Nunya
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    Your hateful rantings are starting to bore the heck out of me. Go take a nap or tylenol or something.

    Touched a nerve, eh? go take a nap!

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