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Is this is suicide or a Murder?

I m currently shocked by the news. Beniot was one of my fav and i was looking forward to see him as the new ecw champion

I will miss him

did his family commit suicide or someone killed him

your thoughts

and please try not to insult someone who is dead

if u cant respect then atleast show some sympathy

RIP Chris Beniot & Family 1967-2007

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    Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Best wrestlers ever ( R.i.p ) Why God Why ?

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    I really want to be truthful about this and this is not to offend or piss anyone off. i am a real wrestling fan I have been since i was a little kid and i am a huge fan of Canadian wrestlers, and i am stuck to the TV every Monday. But alot of people in forums and websites are making this thing out to be some huge JFK cover up, "Benoit did nothing he is being framed" they say, come on people get real I hate to say it but wrestling is fake its not real, yes those guys kill themselves every week for us fans but its all written down b4 hand, and what happened with Chris Benoit is not part of a story or script it is real life. The evidence says he killed his family and then himself and that is not a script that Vince McMahon wrote, and that is that, that is real life and i hate to be blunt but he will not be showing up on raw ecw or smackdown ever again, and there will be no more triple Germans, diving head butts, crossfaces or toothless aggression as of right now he is a murder plain and simple his legacy tarnished forever. and that is what all you so called fans need to think about the real world, because in my heart a 7 year old boy, his mother and Chris Benoit are dead plain and simple so stop coming up with all these theories and speculations and just be sad for what happend and realize that this is real not a wwe TV show

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    Chris Benoit was an amazing wrestler. But you have to put that fact aside and look at what the police are saying and the evidence they have. Instead of mourning a man who authorities say tied up and strangled his wife and then a day later smothered his son; we need to mourn his 7 year old sons death and his wife and keep his other two children in mind. I feel bad for the remaining Benoit family, but people need to stop talking about Chris Benoit like he was a hero.

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    He was one of my favorites too, and so was I. Damn he was an incredible wrestler.

    And my guess is probably carbon monoxide if anything. I mean, if everybody in the home at the time died, that's the most likely cause. Benoit's not the type that would commit suicide, and if he comitted suicide, how would that lead to the death of his family too?

    RIP Chris Benoit, best technical wrestler ever <3

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    It sounds like murder.. Benoit wouldn't commit suicide but I imagine him having real life enemies..

    R.I.P Chris Benoit (hats off)

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    I was also looking forward for him becoming ECW champion, I think murder was involed because it was his entire family.

    I can't believe he's dead.

    R.I.P. Chris Benoit

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    To be honest, I think his wife finally lost he battle with cancer, and he committed suicide. I guess he couldn't bare to be without her. If you are married to someone for a long enough time, being without them is hard. Kids today don't know what love really is..

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    my guess is that he killed his wife and kid because she said she was going to leave and take thier 7 year old kid with them and he snapped and killed them on saturday, he showed up to the event and then felt bad so he went home and commited suicide cuz he felt awful about wat he did on monday morning

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