Where can you write "Mr. So-and-so and Guest" on the wedding invitation if you do not have an inner envelope?

We are having a casual wedding reception and these invites need to go out soon! The only problem is, I have no idea what is kosher or not in reguards to the "and Guest" thing. One idea is to just put it right on the front of the outside envelope along with 'Mr. So-and-so's' name. The other idea is to maybe out it on the back of the envelope, on the flap. Or, should we just write the guest's name if we know it, even though they are not married? I know this is dumb, but I don't want to look too ghetto. Any input will be great! Thanks!

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    well firstly congratulations!

    im getting married in 3 and a half months and my invites have just gone out

    on the outside envelopes (the ones that have the address on) ive just put to mr and mrs j smith (j being the mans name)

    if they arent married put mr j smith then inside either put mr j smith and miss a name or just put mr j smith and partner it sounds better than and guest.

    If you know the person isnt in a relationship then and guest will be fine!

    hope this helps

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    The phrase "and guest" should NOT be used anyplace (invitations or table place cards).

    If you do not know the name of Mary's date then you need to call Mary and find out the name of her escort/date/friend.

    Since you do not have an inner envelope the envelope should be addressed in this manner (don't put anything on the flap)

    Miss Mary Ann Smith (first line)

    Mr Edward John Wagner (second line)

    1234 River Street

    Anytown, New York 45678

    Don't abbreviate the street and don't abbreviate the state, they both should be written out completely.

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    I have never seen a wedding invitation that wasn't in two envelopes. That being said write the names and the "and Guest" on the front of the envelope, definitely not the back.

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    Don't write the guest's name as things always change.

    There's no invitation on the inside? I'm a little confused as to what you're sending in the envelope... "and guest" should definitely not be on the outside though.

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    On the outer envelope when you address it do it like this:

    Mr. Samuel Winters & Guest (if he is single)

    If married person say

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Davidson (address to the MAN even if the wife is the one who you really know)

    If you are also inviting kids say:

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Davidson & Family

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    well, if they reception is casual you don't really have to address it to Mr. So and so- I mean, that's kind of formal. You could put a separate little note (maybe printed on the computer) that says Bob, please feel free to bring a guest. Or if they are in a relationship, put "Bob Jones and Sandy Smith on the outer- even if they don't live together, they'll both know they're both invited.

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    write the name on the outside and on the response card ask the number attending and the person's name for place cards

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    When you adress the outer put mr. & mrs. So So and Johnny

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