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What is the best brand for bikes in your opinion?

what one brand is your favorite and why?

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    Several.. Knolly, Titus, Turner, Seven, Moots.

    They offer extremely good quality bikes with excelent design.

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    I'm a fan of Scott bicycles (I own 3). A Scott Genius MC-50, a Scott Ransom 30, and a Scott Scale 50 (set up for commuting)

    For me, it's because the geometry of these bikes in the range I was looking at (Trail/Enduro and All Mountain) suited me better/felt better to ride, than any of the other brands I was looking at bikes from (incl. Giant, Trek, Norco, Specialized). Plus, I liked the look of them as well, and they were the best value for money in my budget.

    However, Scott is by no means the maker of 'The best bikes'. There are bike makers out there who make what I would consider the best bikes by far, but I simply can't afford them. Two that come to mind are:

    Yeti Cycles (the 575 and AS-R)

    Knolly Bikes (the Endorphin ... easily the best looking bike in the world)

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    What's the best car? Same difficulty in answering. Yes, Trek does put in a lot of research dosh. (So does GM don't they?) But you'd take a Ferrari anytime right? So for road bikes start looking at Pinarello or Bianchi - Italian superbikes!

    I think the Scott Ransom is the top MTB but there are other lovely bikes such as the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Specialized S-Works.

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    Well, as a road cyclist I can only answer for that type of riding. My answer is biased (just as most people's are; that's why they call 'em opinions), but I prefer Trek bikes because of the amount of research and development they have put into their bikes.

    If you are on a tight budget, then I would suggest Giant; they come close to Trek as far as performance is concerned, however, they are not nearly as pricey.

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    If you have a budget, Trek or Specialized. Both are great brands.

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    Yes, Roberto did mention Titus and Seven---they have outstanding Mountain and road bikes with exceptional components ( expensive! but,hell, they look very COOL!) Add also INTENSE, YETI, ROCKY MOUNTAIN and ELLSWORTH! WHEW! They all have all-mountain, freeride KILLER bikes and are worth every single cent you got!

  • 1 decade ago bike for the money by far....

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