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Is there any way to adjust or tighten a MT bike chain?

I have a cannondale F400 9 speed mountain bike and the chain is getting sloppy. Is there any way to adjust it? or will I need to but another one?

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    To determine is if the chain is worn measure 12 inches along the chain. The pins on a new chain will line up with the zero and twelve inch mark. If they are nearer to 12 1/8 th inches it is time for a new chain.

    Other than that you can take a full link out (two pieces one small one large. For this you will need a chain breaker.

    Work your way through this link to make sure the problem is not in adjustments. (it also covers setting chain length)

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    Its sounds like it isnt the chain thats at fault-but the spring tension on the rear derailleur gear, which normally takes up chain slack.. So I would replace the rear derailleur with something decent, like shimano XT.

    If, for some weird reason it IS the chain, buy a rivoli chain link tool, and a new chain.

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    there is more than one thing that can cause this type of problem.Without looking at the bike my husband can't tell you.And he fixes bikes ,and most of them are mountain bikes for a hobby.

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    It will eventually stretch and need to be replaced. Like other posters, it sounds more like a derailluer issue.


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