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Best friend of opposite sex who is not your spouse/partner?

During a marriage, is it ok for a wife to have a male best friend (not related) who is not her husband?

how bour for men? is it ok for them to have a female best friend (not related) who is not their wife?

how bout in relationships is it ok if your boyfriend/girlfriend is best friends with a person of their opposite gender who is not related to them?

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    Best Friends? Well friends maybe but a best friend of the opposite sex? You're asking for trouble ...don't be surprised if it comes along at some point. Don't be surprised at all.

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    My best friend of the opposite sex who is not my spouse or partner would have to be Robin Thompson from Knoxville, Tennessee. (Hi, Robin - just thought I'd "out" you to a few folks here... <G>). As for the rest of your question, I think that if you're at the stage where those questions are even meaningful to you, then you're probably not yet capable of grasping an honest, objective answer to any one of them.

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    It's all about trust...but you should pay more attention to your lover than your best friend.

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    its okay if you want to get murdered by your girlfriend/boy frriend/spouse...i dont think thats the best ''type'' of friend to have because you never know, friendship leads to liking and like leads to love

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    No, it does not work.

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