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how to hint but not be obvious??

so i have been going out with this guy for a few weeks and so far we have held hands and somewhat cuddled, I don't know why but i get the feeling that we both really wanna kiss each other, I'd much rather him make the first move so i am wondering if anyone knows any not to obvious ways to hint at the fact that i wanna kiss him

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    Give him a peck on the lips - then go for another and make it a little longer - and then go in for another and let him come to you.

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    i have experienced this when i was a bit we both wanted to kiss but didnt want to make the first move till eventually he gave in after some time. I used to tempt him in a way by only talking up in his face and licking my lips .(make sure your breath is fresh ) you can also try kissing him very close to his lips slowly and see what he does. Use your imagination. Even though my way is a bit obivious ,sometimes you need to be like that when you really want something.

  • Ask for a hug. Its a simple way to get closer to him. It might work.

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    make the first move! usually guys love that the pressure is taken off of them, and they find it sexy.

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    why would you want him not to know? but just stand right in front of him and look into his eyes. if he doesnt get it or is too nervous you do it.

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    Attract attention to your lips..

    lick them, bite them, look at his lips..

    He'll get the point!

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    pucker up

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