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Best friend of opposite sex who is not your spouse/partner?

During a marriage, is it ok for a wife to have a male best friend (not related) who is not her husband?

how bour for men? is it ok for them to have a female best friend (not related) who is not their wife?

how bout in relationships is it ok if your boyfriend/girlfriend is best friends with a person of their opposite gender who is not related to them?

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    You dont mention if these relationships are from the past. I would say that while in a relationship it would be a bit awkward and maybe even a bit selfish to engage in a new relationship with a member of the opposite sex... even if it appears to be platonic in the beginning.

    Are we talking about a former lover that is now just a friend... this is another awkward thing... and it is flirting with trouble.

    When a man and woman are together even in a platonic setting.... one of them is ussually thinking about sex

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    It would have to be a mutual agreement.... I think as long as its not a ex then it should be fine...

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    no. unless they're gay or they're married too

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