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How can you find out the number that has been calling you on a Restricted number?

I have been getting calls on restricted and i was wondering if anyone new how to find out what that number is withought going to verizon. I have herd that you type in * something and then the number that called you comes up but i guess that is just a rumor. so if you know how then please tell me because these restricted calls are getting on my nerves.

i am not sure if this is possible but if it is then i would really appreciate it if you told me how.



Oh and i have the red V-cast verizon cell phone.

just so if you need to know what kind of phone i have.


There not herrasing (sp) me or anything.

they will just call and hang up

or its like my friends and they call and act all gay and retarted and it pisses me off soo much!

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    I don't think it is possible. You are probably referring to *69, where it calls people back, but it wont work on restricted numbers. *67 is what they are using to make it restricted or private.

    Call Verizon and tell them that you are getting restricted calls, and they can make it where no one can call you from restrictedl

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    Call verison and report the problem ask them to monitor your calls and they can get the number.However you will also have to file a complaint with the police department and it's the police who get the number not you.You will need to take a copy of the police report to verison.

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