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Catholic and a Muslim relationship..Can it work??

Hi. Im a cathloic woman and my boyfriend is a muslim. Hes libral at times.. but he dies read the Quaran(sp?).. and so on. My questions are this:

1) How do we have a wedding? How much fun are dry receptions?

2) How can we work out our religions for our children? Do i really have to give up Chrsitmas and Easter? ( would hate to have our children sit out at Chrsitmas while the whole family opens gifts, or not be involved on Easter.

3) Do I have to convert? ( i really dont want to convert to something i dont beleive in)

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    1) you have a wedding in front of an Imam and then you can have your own reception at a hotel. Dry receptions are fun. I have never been to a reception with Alcohol in it but we always have fun.... its the people not the booze

    2) well in Islam religion goes by father so your kids would be Muslim; however you don't have to give up Christmas and easter completely... you can still have gifts, and egg hunt just as long as the kids know at an appropriate age that Santa is not real..

    3) you don't really have to convert....if you don't want. but you will have to follow the guide lines by your husband so you should talk to him about it if he wants you to convert or not , but Islamically you don't have to

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    It can work, but it might be difficult. In Christianity, in mixed marriages, the Christian spouse is required to raise the children in Christianity. In Islam, in mixed marriages, the children are to be raised as Muslims. You and your husband will have to resolve this matter. I suspect he will require the children to be raised as Muslims. Are you prepared to accept that?

    You can probably have a wedding ceremony at both a mosque and a church, and there is absolutely no reason for alcohol to be required to have fun.

    You should discuss holidays with your husband, and find out what his expectations will be. I'm Muslim, converted from Christianity, and we exchange Christmas gifts with our Christian family, but do not decorate our house or bring in a tree. We don't observe Easter at all, though we do enjoy buying the candies after the holiday is over. If this is an important thing to you, you definitely need to discuss it with your husband-to-be.

    You do not have to convert - indeed you SHOULD NOT convert, unless you are 100% sure it is what you really believe. :o)

    May Allah bless you, and I hope you make the right decisions.

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    1) I am married to a Muslim man and I was not Muslim at the time. We had a traditional Moroccan wedding and there was no alcohol. It was a great time.

    2) According to Islam you children should follow their father and be raised as Muslims. Your marriage should be based on respect so no, you should not have to give up holidays that are based on your religion. You should also respect your husband's holidays and the importance of them.

    3) You do NOT need to convert. I did, but because I wanted to.

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    Scripture speaks to this type of situation. It tells us not to be unequally yoked. It means a believer should not marry an unbeliever. The reason for this is threefold.

    First: The ideal marriage, in God's eyes, is one where the husband and wife love each other through their love for God, through Jesus Christ. As a professing Catholic, you acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God. Muslims do not. They see Him as merely a great prophet.

    Second: Having 2, diametrically opposed, religions in the same household is a recipe for disaster. When this happens, it is very seldom that the Muslim would be converted to Christianity. Just as happens when a believer marries any other non-believer, what usually happens is that the believer is pulled down by the unbeliever or, if the believer is stronger than normal, the friction within the marriage is constant and a threat to the marriage.

    Third: His religion will not allow for you to simply remain being a Catholic, as they consider you an infidel. There would come a time that you would have to make a stand, or submit for all time. Remember, the 2 religions do not even recognize the same God. The Muslims maintain that Allah is god, but Catholics, and all other Christian denominations, recognize the One, True God, and Jesus as the Son of God and the only way to Heaven.

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    1- you can do a civil wedding :)

    2- Dry is good if you have variety of drinks like sodas and juices

    3- You will find your own way inshallah. Your children should be raised as Muslims according to Islamic customs, but you guys can compromise I am sure! You know my son does not miss a thing. We make sure he gets gifts for doing well in school or because he did his chores hehehe he is small yet, but he gets it! Trust me children are more understanding than you think, but how you raise them is solely your decision.

    3- HELL NO! You do not have to convert to anything. Islam has no compulsion, this means it is illegal for anyone to force you to convert, besides if you do not believe in Allah and his prophet with your heart and soul your conversion is not real you have to mean it to be real. Many people do convert to Islam after marrying a Muslim though because they see how peaceful and spiritually tranquil our lifestyle is :) So enjoy weather a Christian or a Muslim that should not prevent you guys from getting married Islamic law Allows you guys to join in marriage YAY!!!!

    About me: I am a Muslim convert from Christianity, I used to be catholic I converted after many many years of studying Islam, at first I was told Muslims are evil and bad etc but i discovered the peace that this religion gives you and the good guidance that we receive from God. I was already Muslim when I married :)

    Just wanted to write a short info session on Islam: Muslims believe that God is one. That The reason why we are here is to worship God and one day we will return to him. Muslims believe that there is no original sin. Man pay for their own sin, not the sin of others. Muslims believe you can talk to God directly and you need no intercessors. Muslims believe in all prophets from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus all the way to Mohamed as the last prophet. Muslims believe that Jesus (PBUH)was sent by God. That Jesus was born out of a virgin. That he is alive and that he will come back. Jesus (PBUH) is the Messiah. Prophet Mohamed is also from the line of prophet Abraham from the side of Ismail. Prophet Muhammed came to confirm all prophets before him, and the message that God is one and also confirm that Jesus PBUH will come back again!

    Allah bless your Union sister! and if you want to learn more about Islam ONLY IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME :)

    Much Love,


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    Sorry, yet whilst it have been yet another Christian faith, perhaps.. yet i will not be able to settle for the ideals of a Muslim. Your significant objective in existence is to kill a Catholic or everybody else you deem an imbecile for not being a Muslim. i'm not saying you may kill everybody, yet that's what you're taught. i've got glanced on the Koran. You declare to be a non-violent team of folk, yet your countries have greater suicide bombings than everybody else. it is fact, not basically my opinion. It amazes me that a Catholic have been given alongside with a Muslim in the 1st place. you would be an incredible guy yet your average differences in God will start to tutor. you may not have an unyoked marriage. whilst one individual is a believer & the different isn't, it is going to land up in divorce. the comparable in this occasion: out of your differences to ingesting beef & beef to Jesus being the Son of God...i will not be able to think of the confusion waiting to your little ones.

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    I take it that he hasn't asked you to marry him. (If he has, you really need to ask him these things).

    This is not something that you should take lightly if your faith has deep meaning for you. There are many ramifications here. Why would you even entertain the idea of converting, if you say it is not something that you believe in? What does God really want for your life, the life of your children? Can such a marriage support that? Best wishes. (I can't even pretend to know what the requirements are of the Muslim faith in an intermarriage situation - but I hope that this still is of some help).

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    He is allowed to marry christians and jews IF he has looked for a muslim woman first and couldnt find one. You do not have to convert or give up christmas or easter. Dont expect him to participate or try to guilt him into participating. Any children you two have have to be raised muslim. This is a must. You should not convert unless you believe in Islam.

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    No you do not have to convert, and children follow the father so they will be Muslims.

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    I would rule out conversion. The relationship - when it comes to religion,as in all else - should be based on mutual respect. I would recommend bringing the children up with ample exposure to both faiths and then let them decide when they are teenagers.

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