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im extremly shy, it annoys me, because wen a guy flirts with me, i can feel my face getting all red and i cant look at him staright in the eyes. i dont kno wat to say and i really like this guy. (i get nervous around attractive pple) this is getting in my way, does anyone kno any tips that will help me keep my cool and not get all red- faced, as well as knowing wat to say?IF YOU CAN

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    Just keep as calm as you can, which I know is the problem. Like most things you feel about yourself like muscle tics and whatnot, the guys aren't probably aware of your red face as you are. As for knowing what to say, just kinda babble on about the party you are at, or the park or wherever you are. Or mention the weather, or just the "nice to meet you". If you like the guy, remember to smile and if you can't look the guy in the eyes, just kinda dart glances, trust me, we like that.

    Remember, just smile and remain as calm as you can. Don't run away or anything, as that will make the dude think you definitely don't like him. If he's reasonably social, he will ask you questions and you can just answer them and wait for more until you can think of something to say.

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    I am the exact same way around guys. I get all nervous and I know my face is very red. Just get to know him and you probably will be more comfortable with him. Ask if he plays any sports and if he does ask him when his games are and you could go to them and watch them. If he flirts with you he probably likes you so he probably will do a lot of the talking. Ask him what he is doin for the weekend or what music he likes or anything. Hope this helps!!

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    me too but Im very flirtly I flirt with ugly guys and my cuz. but Im so shy that when my bf use to say hi I would just smile and walk away just say the first thing that comes to mind and for getting over the red face it doent go away it sucks but you know at least he can tell u like him and he'll probly ask u out

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    Ummm just play it cool. Find something y'all have in common to talk about. And if none of that works just tell them the truth that you are a little shy around them

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    I think that nothing is sexier on a woman than proper grammer and a high school level grasp of vocabulary and diction.

    Just make sure you don't show him your Yahoo! Questions post because it makes you seem like you can't form complete sentences.

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    Practice makes perfect. The more you interact with people the easier it gets. Also don't think to hard about what to do or say, don't worry about what wrong impressions people may have of you, everyone is entitled to their opinion... no matter what always be yourself.

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    well i get nervous around like REALLy hott ppl and i just had to realise that they are just people and if they dont like u there is always the next guy

    hope i helped

    have funn


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    use the old actors trick for stage fright. Imagine them in their underwear, should make you laugh and not be so nervous.

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    well what i do is always take a couple of deep breaths before a guy comes up to me.

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