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my braces hurt!!!!!!!!!!?

i just got my braces today and they hurt soooooooooo bad

i tried sleepind but the pain makes it harder to sleep i also took tional but its not working so could you tell me thing that will make it stop faster plz plz plz plz plz

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    aw im sorry hun, i know how you feel, as i got mine on about two years ago and remember the pain, basically, i suggest taking two advil, drinking water, and staying away from colder foods, but eating somthing such as apple sauce, the pain will eventually stop usually in about 2 or three days. stick in there !


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    awww :[ bless you .. i had them a few months back

    i'd say try ibuprofen, it seemed to work ok for me :] ohh and i should probably warn you, the damn things will rub and so make sure you have a ton of bonjela or some other kind of ulcer removing stuff!

    i know it's lame to say, but they'll be worth it in the end ... even if they're really bad now :]

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    I recently got mine too. They started hurting the second day, so i used advil, and I went and got Ora-Gel. It numbed everything!

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    i have braces now and take painkillers.. ice cream helps too because it makes your mouth numb..

    hang in there girl!

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