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Atheists, if you are wrong and you die, you will be eternally separated from God. But If a christian...? wrong and he dies, he's just dead. Is it really worth the risk?

(Rubber hammer to the knee)

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    I've heard of this joke: this atheist was attacked by a lock nest monster, and it was just about to swallowed this man, this man called out to God (ohhhhhh God help me), then time stood still, and heard voice of God, ( I thought you didn't believe in me?)..... the man said to God, (give me a break, 2 minutes ago, I didn't believe in lock nest monster either !!). lol.......... God bless.

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    Try using your logic in reverse

    The Atheist's big sleep has better odds.

    If you can only get to heaven through the salvation of Jesus Christ then only .5% of all the people that have ever existed on earth could have made it to heaven and of that percentage only maybe half were without sin enough to have gotten past St. Peter.

    So why bother with the middle man and pray directly to God for salvation.

    Opinion from a technomonotheist.

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    I'm not an atheist but even I can see a fear tactic when I see one. If an atheist doesn't believe in God why would being separated from God bother him?

    Could you put that rubber hammer on your head?

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    Absolutely! If a Christian is wrong, he isn't just dead. He's also wasted his one and only life believing in fairytales instead of truly experiencing all this earth has to offer. During that wasted life he's also likely spread his superstitions to other people. As a result, his infection spreads into the minds of a population who, based on their superstitions, do irrational things like murder, and destroy, and suppress free thought.

    Christians don't do that stuff anymore? How about Bosnia? In 1995 The Christian Serbs murdered almost 100,000 "infidels."

    How about G.W. Bush vetoing stem cell research so as not to cause pain to the little embryo. It's OK to allow blind people to remain blind and kid's in wheelchairs to stay in them, just don't hurt those baby embryos! Scientist (in other countries) find two or three new uses for stem cells each month. They can regrow hair and regrow heart valves but not here in the USA because "In God we trust" and God told George that stem cell research was evil.

    You've probably seen and laughed at the bumper sticker that reads," I do what the voices inside my head tell me to do," but that is exactly what you're doing. You have invented an imaginary super-being that has no proof of existence and you follow his every command... even though he has never commanded anything of you. The only commands you have ever been given are the commands of men who claim to speak on God's behalf. Your only reference of your God's will is an ancient text written by barbaric men in a time where human rights and individual liberty did not exist. Your only living connection to "God" is a church led by men who make their living by your tithes.

    In fact, there is absolutely no evidence of his existence other than, as you will say, this planet and universe had to be made by something. Well tell me exactly how you can jump from that conclusion to the conclusion that the creator must be your God as described in the Bible? Why could it not have been the mystical unicorn that made the universe and me and you? There's just as much evidence in that theory, but you're not interested in evidence, are you?

    Your Mom and Dad and Pastor all told you that to be a good Christian you had to have faith. You had to continue to believe even though all evidence may point the other direction. Science refers to that condition, not as faith, but as delusion.

    Why then, should I care that you're delusional? Because delusional people do irrational things. At best, irrational people get in the way of progress. At worst, irrational people kill and destroy. They stop at nothing to protect and to perpetuate their delusion.

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    Isnt believing in something you dont believe in as big a sin as not believing in something?

    When You die and you christians must answer to Vishnu, you are in big trouble. Most likely you will return to this material world in the form of a disgusting slimeball. Or perhaps a pig.

    Im not being mean. Thats just the way it is. At least the atheist will come back as a higher more enlightened form of human for questioning and using his own mind.

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    But if I pretend to believe against my honest convictions I am a liar. If the Christian god likes liars, then I guess you are right.

    Maybe the Christian god only like those who seek the main chance. I guess this could justify all kinds of unethical practices.

    I am getting confused. Which Christian mythological figure are we talking about?

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    no, because as i think of all the a$$holes who are sopposedly going to heaven, i wouldnt want to spend an eternity with them anyway. Id rather suffer for eternity than spend the rest of it with people like Dr Laura, anyone from the Bush or Cheney family, Rush Limbaugh, Billy Graham, the Pink Haired lady, any televangelist, oh, and YOU, basically..almost anyone who thinks they are going to heaven...and im not even an a christian in the loosest sense of the word....

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    Pascal's Wager. Check Wikipedia for this subject.


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    Honestly, this question bugs the heck outta me! That is no reason to except Christ into your heart! You should study and have your own personal testimony before you give your life to Jesus!

    Telling people stories like this only makes them angry and defensive!

    Help others come to Christ, but they will come in their own time.

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    You've only spelt out part of it, brother. It's not mere separation from God, its devastatingly agonising pain from which there will never, ever be any respite. The smug atheists who have spurned God all their lives and think that they can bear being without Him in eternity will not feel so good about the everlasting suffering. That's the risk.

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