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Regarding the Jessie Davis case,.......?

Do you think the alleged baby's father is guilty? ( I say alleged because paternity test arent done until after the birth of the child.)

Please let me know why you think he is gulity or not and why?

Don't reply if you're not going to state the REAL REASON WHY you think what you think?


Damn, can you people read!!!!

I said state WHY you think what you think!


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    I live 8 miles from where she was found..this touches me in ways I never realized. I am so angry with the world we live in. No one, it seems has any true feelings about taking a human life, why? He is scum, he is a murderer and damn him to hell!

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    It is truly a tragedy when anyone dies, no matter where they live or what their background is.

    However, we shouldn't rush to judgement. It is typical for law enforcement to go after the lover first.

    No one knows whether he actually did it or not. There are many people who have been locked away for decades only for evidence to appear and show that someone else did the crime.

    How would you feel if someone took your life away from suspicion? Don't you think you'd owe them after all these years? Call him whatever you want but be realistic and reasonable. Find the truth. Jessie Davis deserves the truth doesn't she?

    Source(s): You can get a paternity test while the baby is in the womb.
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    Many people were guilty over this matter. Jessie made very poor choices in relationships, in sex, and in social norms. Jessie's mother and family seems to have raised a daughter lacking in very fundamental principles as to what a proper social and family structure should consist of. Our society ultimatly suffers with these poor choices.

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    I think he's guilty and I did from the beginning.

    In most cases like this it's the husband or the boyfriend.

    Very sad.

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    We have to wait and get the verdict from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. They will surely jump into the news by making dumb statements of his innocence. See how long it takes for them to make it a racial thing. The previous history of this guy's abuse of his harem sure do support a verdict of guilty. Too bad women are so dumb as to let abuse flourish instead of locking up the nut cases after the first abuse.

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    I think he is guilty. I believe he killed her, because he did not want her anymore, she already had one child by him, and he probably did not want anymore. He was never going to leave his wife. She may have threaten to expose him for the scum that he is. So, he made plans with his school friend to kill her. That is what I think.

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    I believe he is guilty and here is why.......

    I believe he had opportunity and motive. The opportunity was when he was suppose to pick up his son and the motive is possibly the desire not to have another child and pay more child support. At this point it is all speculation, although this story will unfold in days to come.

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    Judging by what we've been told by the media, yes he is.

    Not to sound mean or anything but why did this get so much media attention? I mean is Jessie Davis the ONLY missing woman in America?

    This almost reminds me of the whole Natalee Holloway incident.

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    guilty, found edidence in a friend apt, did not scearch for her, no tears. didnot care i dont think.. he did not want another baby.

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    I don't know.There is no info on the evidence.Too early to judge.I hope is a mistake

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