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I love to bake, and over the years I've made some nice creations. How can I make money from the skill I love?

I don't have the money to rent out a shop, and I don't expect to make 100s of thousands, but a little extra cash would be nice :) Email me with any questions.

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    You could start a "dessert of the month club" for your close friends/family. Word of mouth is the very best form of advertisement. Also, this way, you could pace your scheduling- you could do a few a week and that would allow you to build up your business. Do some research around your area- check bakeries, coffee shops for pricing info. If you are lucky enough to find a locally owned store or coffee shop, see if they would be willing to let you place a few things in their shop and offer them a % of what sales.

    Do you have any flea markets in your area...if so, try there...also, mom & pop stores may would allow you to place a few sweet treats.

    I'd start small with expenses...I would purchase a few "baggies" but the nicer kind, like what's in a candy shop. I'd buy colored twist ties, and I would order made seals or stickers with your business name and information.

    Then move into this some test flyers around or what type of services you'd be offering, see how many contacts you make....

    The store front idea may come later, but for now, work with what you have available!

    Good luck!!!!

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    You can start by making these baked goods for friends, family and coworkers. Charge them appropriately. Giving them some free samples would also give them a taste of what you're good at. Word of mouth is the best way to let people know of your service. Take photos of your creation and make a blog, it's free.

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    Take orders for your yummie goodies & sell them. Put ad in paper & super market bulletin board. Have a name for what you are doing. Example ad:

    Deb's Baked Creations

    (order 3 days in advance)

    Cakes, Caramel, Pound, Chocolate, Strawberry $15.00

    Pies, Chocolate, Key Lime, etc., $7.50

    Bakers' Dozen Cupcakes, designed, $10.00

    Continue to list your wares, including specialties, w/ prices.

    Phone #


    Good luck!

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    Start taking pictures of your creations, put them on a website or free blog. Put your pricing and packages in there. Send out to your family and friends and their friends. Each time you send out email, ensure that your site name is part of your signature. You can promote by saying, to celebrate your first month of business online, you offer some discounts, indicate whether you will deliver or if there is any delivery cost. You encourage them to think of birthdays, anniversaries, gifts, etc that they might need for that month....

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    make deals with a salon or two in your area to hold some of your stuff where on certain days you can bring some in like on fri or sat when they are full of hungry patrons.

    If there's a farmers market in your town. see if you can open a booth or maybe the local fleamarket...luck to you. coffee houses too see if the manager is will to buy some of your goodies.

    oh sell some on the local university if there is one in your town

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    word of mouth is probably the best..... networking and such...

    There was a lady over by where I lived in houston... and she did a lot of what you are talking about...out of her house...

    I think that you may wish to make some buisness cards and place them at party stores on the counters... talk to the manager and take him/her something nice that you baked to give him when you go to ask.... just use your imagination and try things like that.

    Good Luck.

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    you could do a bake sale or if you have a garage clean it up and start a small shop i know a person and that is what he did but he did not baked itemized he does it about once a month

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    I make cakes and mints on the side-I have business cards made up to give with my items and word of mouth has really helped me.Good luck!

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    why dont you go to the neares bakery and ask for a job there you will earn a little bit of cash and you doing a job you love

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