guilty,not guilty,& innocent......?

what does each one mean cause im REALLY confused when i watch news broadcasts and they (news reporters) say those things...... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P


i mean when u plead these things what do u mean?!!?!?!?!?!?

sorry about the confusion ;-P

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    Guilty - the jury think you did it

    Not guilty - the jury don't think you did it OR they have reasonable doubts that you did it

    Innocent - you did not do it

    Guilty and not guilty are verdicts in court. Not guilty is not, in judicial terms, the same is innocent. It just means that the jury were not sure beyond reasonable doubt of the person's guilt.

    It might interest you to know that in Scotland, there are 3 possible verdicts that a jury can reach: Guily, Not Guilty and Not Proven. Not Proven is a very unpopular verdict on both sides as it has come to be informally understood to mean "We think you did it but there wasn't enough proof". A Not Proven verdict is an acquittal and the person cannot be tried for the same offence again but it is generally considered that they carry at cloud of suspicion for evermore. Whenever someone is found "Not Proven" there is a renewed debate about it in which someone always points out that the a more logical solution would be to have two verdicts: Proven (e.g. Guilty) and Not Proven (Not Guilty). It hasn't happened yet, though.

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    Guilty = determined to have committed an offense/crime

    Not Guilty = determined to have not committed an offense/crime

    Innocent = erroneous term used by reporters... no one is determined to be innocent; everything is done in terms of guilty or not guilty.

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    i agree with you/

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