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Help Me out pleaseee !! ipod question :]?

Ok..i have a video ipod, and i downloaded a couple movies a while ago for it. . how do i get the videos into iTunes ? Any Advice or comments are Much Appreciated !!!! thank you ~* Sammi

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    okay, well first of all the movie has to be in mp4 format. so i would advice converting it first. you can use videora ipod video converter if you would like but there are a lot of free ipod video converters out there for free that works. although, it's a movie so the convertion might take a while. then after converting it you just drag and drop it to your itunes technically anywhere on itunes. if you have the converter and dont know how to use it, there should be a setting where it says input and output, input is where you will browse for the video file that you'd like to convert and output is where you'd like it to get saved.

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    go in programz u will see converter then u send movies 2 itunes.

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