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Official "Is Chris Benoit Dead" topic?

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During the, "Is Vince dead" war, I was one of the main people insulting, yelling, and mailing people telling them that it was a part of the storyline. Normally, if they want to add a fake death to the storyline, they will add surveys, fake interviews, and a horrible looking video to the online site. Chris's death doesn't fit the pattern. It's been public information that Chris's family has been having some problems disease-wise. Chris has also put his body on the line for years, and it has been catching up with him. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to beleive that Chris may actually be dead. This just makes me hate the WWE a lot more for having no-talented bastards like Cena and Batista as main eventors. People with talent, like Chris Benoit, are always being tosses aside, and used accasionally to job for these craptastic wrestlers. If this is true, then Chris will be missed.

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    Amen brother, Cena/Batista always main event. If it wasn't for Benoit, there probably wouldn't be as many fans as there are today. If that makes sense, Benoit gave it his all. We should all appreciate that, he truly should've been the champ not Batista. Tell me one thing that Batista did to earn his champ status. Give your heart and soul to the business and the fans like Benoit did year after year. Wrestling has lost one of the best! God Bless the Benoit family. This is truly a sad day in the wrestling world.

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    I have no idea how I could hold back tears. This dude gave me adrenaline when I was watching the WWE. Hes my inspiration. Both him and Eddie are amazingly talented in my opinion. Theyre both extremely gifted in the ring. It was a huge loss to the WWE world. Its just sad the way he died. He had so much to offer. But to tell you the truth, he gave it all. Its just a short life. I feel bad for his son and his wife too. The way it all happened was horrible. He was not shot to death thankfully. I just hope it wasnt a painful death. Nobody deserves a painful death. I hope they all RIP together. And to tell you the truth, WWE needs to stop with all this garbage. They are the kings of the WWE. Lets brush the newbies aside. Chris will be remembered and missed....The legends are together at last.

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    Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler for as long as i can remember and now I'm even madder at wwe for putting a fake Mr.McMahon storyline when real deaths are happening........ I'm tearing up right now and Chris Benoit will truly be missed.RIP Chris and his family

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    No one know all the details yet. He did call in Sunday to WWE saying his family was ill and spitting up blood.

    police found the bodies at around 4pm local time and that police would not say how the family died other than they were not shot to death.

    police were dispatched to the Benoit home after receiving a call from WWE officials who were concerned that they were not able to get in touch with Benoit.

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    I don't even know what to think, honestly....

    They are now reporting that he wasn't at Vengeance because he said he and his family were ill and he was coughing up blood. That sounds fake to me...


    Gregory Helms wrote a blog about it. I don't think wrestlers ever really talk about the story that made me think it was real. But he did write it about the time WWE reported Benoit's death.

    If this is kayfabe...I'm never watching wrestling again. This is going too far.

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    I'm hoping to god that he's not really dead. First Eddie, now Benoit. He was the best wrestler the WWE had. Please god let this be fake. If this is real, the WWE must drop the "Vince is dead" angle immediatly. If they don't, I will never watch the WWE again.

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    words can't describe.. I found out by Sure I saw a question on here even before I looked there but I thought that was just another wrestling hater making a stupid joke. Beniot and his family were found dead.

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    guys, do u think wwe would make some shi* up about something so serious? You can tell that the Vince Mcmahon stuff was a bunch of Bull****, cauz you wouldnt keep filming someone dying

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    Yes, unfortunatley Chris Benoit is dead, and homes', please dont talk about batista and cena like that, i like them a lot and they are good friends of benoit. GO TO AJC.COM AND YOU CAN READ ABOUT CHRIS BENOIT

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    Hes dead and it sucks because he was about to be champ again and he was a great wrestler. He will be missed. RIP

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