Why did you move out of Buffalo, NY, or are you still there?

I live in one of those 'great' places people call 'paradise', but it is not a great place for a growing family that wants to move ahead, buy a house and settle for more than 5 years, and find that lots of people are moving out. I can't wait to move, either and I'm looking for a place where we can buy a house and live confortably and raise my boys.

We have been offered a job in Buffalo, NY, and we are seriously considering it. We are used to hot summers, and think we can handle the 4-5 months of snow.

If you used to live there, what made you move out? We don't want to spend the next 7 years in a place we can't bear, or in a city we don't get.Would you consider the city beautiful? How are schools? Can kids play safely outside? Is pollution really bad? Are there any 'great' doctors and specialists in the area?(more than 2 would be great). Did you find that your insurance was widely accepted if you had it? Any information pro or con will greatly help. Thanks for your honest answers!

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    I'm from Buffalo, born and raised! I just graduated from college, so I sadly will be leaving my hometown to move to TX. Buffalo catches alot of slack, but I feel the positives outweigh the negatives. There is talk of our stuggling job economy, but those affected are the skilled laborers. If you are a professional, jobs are plentiful (as you know since you were made an offer). The cost of living is extremely low. One can purchase a beautiful home for under $200,000. If you are in to architecture and history you will undoubtly consider Buffalo beautiful. Schools here are pretty good. I attended City Honors which is currently the #8 public school in the country. There are superb private schools all over the city as well. I would recommend the Olmsted Schools for elementary kids. Depending on the neighborhood kids can play outside fine. If you are looking for the "city feel" I recommend the Elmwood area (streets such as Ashland, Auburn, Norwood) or the Hertel area. The surrounding suburbs are very nice as well and easily accesible. Amherst is ranked one of the safest places in America. Of course there are areas of the city that are not safe and could use rehabilitation, but that comes with city life. Amazing medical community in the area. Childrens hospital is well known. We also have the world renowned Roswell Cancer Institute. I would rate pollution average. My biggest complaint is people aren't doing enough to recognize the true potential of the city. i hope you accept the position, and enjoy your time here!

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    My dads entire family is from there..they lived there for 30+ years before moving down to TX where we've all been since. They loved it there but my grandfather got offered a job here way back adn that's why they left. I've heard some stories about the kind of snow they get! I know my cousins who still live there play outside safely all the time. Sorry I'm not much more help..

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    I grew up in the Buffalo area and went to school in Buffalo. I left because of my job, but I do miss it. Everything is very affordable in Buffalo, except property taxes are high in the city limits of Buffalo. You will come to love the supermarkets in Buffalo. TOPS or Wegmans will carry just about everything that you will ever want and need for a recipe. People in general are very friendly. The summers are beautiful. You have excellent Canadian vineyards across the lake in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region. Toronto is 2-3 hours away depending on traffic if you want more multicultural food and events.

    In terms of health care, there are plenty of good doctors in Buffalo with just about every major hospital involved with the UB medical school system. Therefore, most doctors have to and are keeping up to date with their knowledge, since they are teaching tomorrow's doctors. If you're not happy with the one you choose, there are plenty of others to choose from and multiple speciaists to boot.

    The city has beautiful architecture with multiple Frank Lloyd Wright houses in the area, but the city has great potential to become even more attractive if it could be developed right. Warning, if you do not like snow, you will hate it here. If you like bustling cities such as NYC with restaurants open at all hours of the night, then you will not like it here as well.

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    I live in A smal town outside of nashille named Centerville it is a varry nice town look in to it i moved here from Folrida last year and lived in nashville for one month but its all cokie cutter so I moved to centerville and drive back and forth about 30 min but its worth the drive CHECK IT OUT

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