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What to put on my check list besides clothing?

I'm going on a vacation and I want to know what to put on my check list besides clothing. Any ideas?

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    toothbrush, passport/state I.D. -- bar of soap, hairbrush, all liquids less than two ounces in each bottle in a separate sealed plastic bag, all prescriptions clearly marked and in a separate plastic bag, your air or train ticket, your hotel information, a map, a pen, a book to read, some paper to write on, some shoes, a lock for your hotel door, make sure you have someone lined up to check on your place or keep track of your pets if you have any.

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    Hmm... besides clothing you need.....

    Toiletries(i think thats how you spell it) and that's like razor, deodorant, shampoo(but you can probably just get that where you're going along with towels)....stuff you use to get ready, like your makeup, body/hand lotion, straightener or, purse, any kind of music player tha you have, your phone...hhmmm.....few jewlery..........i'l let you know more stuff later, buy it seems like i can't think right now!! ; )

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    Toiletries, MP3 player, medicines, towels, swim wear (if you're headed for a beach side holiday), sun block, sun glasses, slippers, extra bags for carrying your shopping, a book, aromatherapy oil and burner.

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    Bathroom items, travel items, cash

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    sunblock, insect repellent (if needed), ipod, books, flip flops, money, sunglasses, camera and batteries, cellphone and charger, curling/flat iron, deodorant, soap, lotion, perfume, extra hair clips, passport/ID.

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