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Girls aren't I right...?!?

A lot of women and girls find flaws hot in guys. Like having a big nose like Adrien Brody's just makes him even hotter. Or if they have a scar on their face... more sexy. And even if they are no Brad Pitt... if we love them... we love them. If guys have like a big chin we still find that hott. Or if they have not perfect... but not gross teeth it's still ok. We still like them... maybe even more right? But guys... they want an Angelina Jolie. If we don't have big lips and tight bodies they usually won't take a second glance. and if our noses are large... god forbid! Girls aren't I right?!?


When I said bad teeth I meant John Cusack.. I LOVE HIM but his teeth dont rock

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    You're right.

    Women are more attracted to the man himself, not 100% his looks. We notice a good sense of humor, or sensitivity and that makes the guy seem more attractive to us. Guys, for the most part, until they are older and ready to settle down seem to just look at the physical.

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    Honest to god truth is girls... just be lean. It's not that hard. It's not. Really. Just stop pigging out and get some excersize. Being lean will make you 999999999999999999% more attractive to the opposite sex. We'll sacrifice a lot in the face if you're not packing extra pounds. That's all you need to know! Not that hard! Now hit the gym!

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    You are so right! Adrien Brody does have a big nose but we still love him! And guys ARE really picky. Guys always want skinny girls with big boobs and a big butt. Even though I am skinny and I don't look bad, it still bothers me when guys are so picky!

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    You're right guys want us to do so much stuff like boob jobs, nose jobs, eye jobs, etc... I mean it's just not fair... I don't like bad teeth, but I could deal with it if I loved him!

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    I don't know, I've never asked my boyfriend.

    Honestly, though, I know what you mean. My friend had a crush on this guy, and when she showed me a picture of him, the first thought was "OMG HE HAS HUGE EARS." I didn't say that, but I thought it. So I dunno. Besides, I don't really see how some celebrities can even be considered hot...

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    Yes. Scars are sexy. Gross teeth, not so much.

    Guys are waaayyyy more selective.


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    your definateley right!

    guys make unique flaws look hot, by acting confident, and it makes everything ok/

    but girls get really insecure about flaws.....

    it's actually very unfair if you ask me

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    you are right. we love them for them, but it's so hard to find a guy willinig to do the same.

  • i agree with you.

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