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R. Kelly and Usher???

O.K. someone tell me, the twins on same girl videu are twins right? But how can they have the same everything? Same the same things? Now, I think Kell and Ush got played by the twin sitting at the table. She figured out Kell and Ush was trying ti bust her and used her identical twin as a backup plan? Who agree??

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    i personally don't think they thought the video through. my biggest problem is the kid and nickname. if they left that out of the song then i could believe the video. when i first listen to the song without the video i didn't like how they making the girl seem like a hoe. i like the twin thing but it doesn't really go with the song.

    the biggest problem is that they would know each other names. the twins would have have different names; even in a one stand you know the person name.

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    ummmmmm wat?

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