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is there any temperment difference in the different color labradors?

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    No. Just coat color. Of course temperament will vary from one individual dog to another

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    Yes, there is.

    The black lab is the "original" of the breed. Meaning, when the breed was just being developed, they were black. The black Lab is usually even tempered, quick to learn, loves to meet new people and animals and very patient. These were traits that they needed because of the style of hunting they were used for.

    The yellow lab came from a "recessive" gene. This means that both parents had to have this "hidden" gene, in order to produce the yellow coated pups. It also means two yellow labs can not produce a black pup. They are similar to the blacks, but tend to be a little more excitable, there fur is more dense and fuzzy too, they shed a bit more, they are very sweet.

    The chocolate lab came from a "mutated" gene. This means one of the parents threw a "flawed" gene for some reason. Most people don't know that chocolate labs use to be put to sleep at birth because they were considered to be genetically corrupted. Chocolates are very different from the blacks and yellows. They tend to be more excitable, sometimes agressive, they also tend to be "one-person" dogs where the others are more apt to be "family" dogs. This is not to say that they are all like this or that they are all bad! It's just something to consider if you are looking into buying a Lab. My dog, Mischa, is from a black father and a chocolate mother. I'm not fond of chocolates usually and wasn't sure if I should even go see these puppies. But, I did, and her mother was such a sweet dog that I decided to buy a pup! I'm so glad I did. Mischa is a very sweet dog too, but she is "different" compaired to the pure black labs I've had in the past. She is more a one-person dog, she is reserved when meeting other people and other dogs. Although, she gets over this. She was raised the same as the rest of my dogs. She goes everywhere with me, meets all sorts of people and animals, so it's not that she wasn't socialize. She's just different. And I totally love her!

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Raised four labs so far, helped to raise 5 others, pet sitter for 20 years, dog trainer for 15 years.
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    No. The genes that control coat color do not affect temperament and it is possible for more than one color to appear in a litter. That said, there are certain traits that can run more strongly in certain colors in a given area. For example, I work at a vet and chocolate labs from breeders in my area all seem to be very prone to allergies, moreso than yellow or black labs from local breeders. But chocolate labs purchased in a different region and brought into my area when their owner's move don't seem to be plagued with allergies to the same extent.

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    i know it sounds silly, and i doubt there is any scientific basis for this, but my experience has been that brown (chocolate) labs tend to be happier and friskier, age slower, and just be generally more active. Other than that i've never seen a difference. Seems to happen with poodles too, though. The chocolate ones are always a little bit crazier.

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    Ive owned both black labrador and golden labrador

    the black labrador lived a long life

    my golden one is still baby but very very smart he has just learned the command sit it took him 5 minutes

    both of them were very intelligent very friendly and calm such loyal dogs...

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    I know LOTS of labs, here in SoFla. I find the highest energy level to be the chocolates, then yellows,,,black most calm. Look into lab rescue, LOTS of every color need homes!

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    no, it's just fur color. Labs of any color can give birth to labs of other colors...it's just a gene. Personality varies amongst individual dogs.

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