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Blood in my semen?

I am 16. I just masturbated and noticed blood in my sperm. I never really have problems with my penis, this is the first time. I dont masturbate that much either, I dont like having to hide and stuff. I have to admit however, I was kind of rough with it before hand. When it was semi-erect I squeezed it like one would a tube of toothpaste so to speak. If anyone can offer some advice I would really appreciate it. I would prefer to not go to the doctor and let my parents know. Also I have not been hit in the testicals lately. Finally, my semen has a yellowish tint. Is that a problem? Its not like piss yellow just mildly yellow. Any help is appreciated.

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    If you are bleeding from the penis, bump the modesty, tell your folks and go to the doctor right away.

    Yellowish is normal, blood is not...

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    You have an infection, either in your testes or the tube that carries sperm from them. That demands a visit to a physician for antibiotics. Too bad if you don't want to go to the doctor or tell your parents. Fooling around and not going to the doctor can leave you sterile! The infection can also spread and kill you.

    Just so you know - nothing you did or did not do caused the infection, so nobody has any reason to yell at you...

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    I would not masturbate for a few days and then masturbate to see if the problem still exist. Could just be a one time thing. If it is something minor, it should heal up on its own. If the problem does not go away within 3-5 I would seek some medical attention.

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    A small amount of blood in semen (turning it pink) is probably harmless if it only happens rarely (I don't know how rare, but if this is the first time it happens and it doesn't happen again for months or years, you're ok.) Small blood vessels do occasionally break and heal without incident.

    If there's a lot of blood in it, turning it bright red or brown, or if the blood follows the semen instead of being in it, or if there's any blood in your urine, then you may have big problems.

    Source(s): My medical reference book
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