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I am a girl with an addiction to lesbian porn. How can I stop this addiction?

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  • Kaja
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    If it turns you on, why would you want to stop it?

    I know girls who thought they were bi cause they liked lesbian porn, but didn't want to have girl on girl action themselves.

    It was the act of the girls getting pleasure, which they placed themselves into, that turned them on.

    And if you do want girl on girl action, so what? You can't help what you like!

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    get the free webfilter from have someone ELSE install it and set it up. the reason that this is important, is that when it is being set up one is prompted for a password to be entered whenever a 'porn' website, or whatever other webstite type that one wants to blocked is accessed - if you dont know the password, you wont be able to access the porn.


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