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panadol night ?

can panadol night have an effect on your brain if your a 12 year old girl or boy because i was just wondering and i remeber seeing a girl in my school taking it

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    Panadol is a medicine exerts analgesic (reduces pain) and antipyretic (reduces fever) activity, but does not possess anti-inflammatory activity.

    Dose Advice of Panadol:

    Panadol comes in many different formulations, such as Panadol Tablets, Panadol Caplets, Panadol Gel Caps Tablets, Panadol Soluble Tablets, Panadol Mini Caps Tablets, Panadol Rapid Caplets, Children's Panadol 6 Months-5 Years Suppositories, Children's Panadol 5-12 Years Suppositories, and Panadol Children 10-12 Years + Adult Suppositories.

    Common side effects of Panadol:


    Uncommon side effects of Panadol:

    Side effects are rare. You may experience nausea, indigestion, allergic reactions or blood disorders.

    Some panadol does in children that age are only a half tablet. She may have a medical reason for doing so and there is no effect on the brain.

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    Side Effects Of Panadol Night

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    5 years ago

    Yes it is bad.Not because of side effects itself ,but due to that it going to be a useless habit in your life.

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