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I need help choosing a digital camera to buy!!!?

There are so many out there: standard, sleek and skinny, advanced, and Digital SLRs

I'm not too interested in standard ones under $150, so i would say my budget would be no more than $275.

First of all, what would be the best camera that looks really good, one that meets my budget and is really skinney and will also be able to provide me with all my photography needs.

Secondly, what would be the best "advanced camera" that i could buy. A camera that is okay if it is a little bit bigger than a sleek camera, but has some extra features that will suite my advanced photography needs.

And thirdly, where would be the best place to purchase my camera?



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    The best camera for under $200 is the Canon A550

    * 7.1 Megapixel

    *4X Optical Zoom

    * Very good photo quality, noise levels low through ISO 400 (in good light)

    * Well built for the price

    * Very good performance

    * LCD visible in low light

    * Some manual controls

    * AF-assist lamp, good low light focusing

    * Good movie and continuous shooting modes

    * Impressive software bundle

    * Uses AA batteries; great battery life

    * USB 2.0 High Speed support

    Here are three places that have this camera..


    Price: $142.00

    In Stock

    Beach Camera

    Price: $142.00

    In Stock


    Price: $147.42

    In Stock

    Photo of camera and actual samples can be viewed at this site... I highly recommend this camera.. you will not be sorry!


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    well... it all depends on what you want pictures of..well not all of it. just go to say..idk.. best buy or circuit city or somewhere and ask them for suggestions. they know everything about cameras.

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    Sony Cybershot is excellent. I totally recommend it!!

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