how do I save a screen shot of what is on my computer screen?

I am getting a lot of error messeges and am tired of writing them down. can I save the picture up on my screen so I can just send the shot of the error messege through e-mail to tech. support? some dont have numbers.

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    okay you can hit the button in your screen named prtsc ( print screen) and then open paint and paste and then save the file okay good luck

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    Please make sure the window which displays the issue is in the

    foreground of all other open windows and press the "Print Screen" key.

    on key board

    Open the program "Paint" from your Start > Accessories menu, and press

    [Ctrl-V] to copy the screenshot.

    Go to File > Save and save the screenshot as a .JPG file,

    save in my pictures

    the you can post them at these sites free

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    Look for a prtscn button press it once open a program like paint then go to edit and paste save it as a j-peg to your desktop now just email the picture.

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    Hit "Alt" and "Print Screen" at the same time. Then open up "Paint" ("Start", "Programs" and then "Accessories".) and from the top menu, select "Edit" then "Paste". You can save the image as a .jpg file and attach it in an email to your tech support people.

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  • Hold down the ALT key and tap the PRINT SCRN key at the same time. It takes a picture of the active window (error window) and copies it to the clipboard. Now just paste the picture into your email or document (usually EDIT PASTE).

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    ok this is a bit long...

    well first arrange the windows as you wish

    look for a key that signifies "print screen"

    it may look like prnt scrn or close....

    then ok Windows sucks nuts so

    you have to open the program PAINT ... it comes basic with windBLOWS and hit paste on there... and it should appear... now just save that...

    and your gravy...

    Apple has easy screenshot keys...

    BUT there is programs to get desktop images immeadiatly

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    The easiest way is to download a free screen capture software like the one from the site below.

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    1 decade ago

    press the 'Print screen" button, next to scroll lock. Then open your paint progam and paste (ctrl-v). Then save.

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    there should be a button on your keyboard that says "prt scr"

    - it should be next to scroll lock - just press it with the windows open and then open any program word or pain and press ctrl+v or paste and you''ll get it.

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    1 decade ago

    printscreen button

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