How do I pick a good sewing machine? I am a beginner?

I want to learn how to sew but don't know which machine is good enough to continue to use as I get better but easy enough for a beginner to learn on.

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    I don't advise spending a lot of money on your first machine. The basic machines are adequate for most types of general sewing; clothes, light quilting, etc. All you really need to get started is a straight stitch, a double straight stitch, a zig-zag, a button-hole stitch, and a zipper foot. The more expensive "fancy" machines are harder to learn to use and maintain and many have options that the general stitcher will never use. Another good reason to go with a reasonably priced simple machine is that you may decide that sewing is not your thing; if that happens I'd hate to see you stuck with a sewing machine that cost you several hundred dollars. I personally have been sewing for over 30 years and have had a basic model Brother sewing machine for almost 20 years now. I make clothes, stuffed toys, baby blankets, quilts, just about anything you can think of. Good luck and happy sewing.

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    Before you purchase Any sewing machine, check out the repair shops in your area. There are lots of places selling machines but you would like to know that you can get repairs (if necessary) locally. Check and see which machines they are willing to work on,

    chances are that they'll steer you Away from junk machines.

    I've got an old peddle Singer, a Singer that serges, and a White's free-arm zig-zag machine. (Relatively Local maintenance for Both machines.)

    Any basic machine that you purchase should be able to straight stitch and zig zag, An easy button hole switch is a plus, some come with easy threading or bobbin refilling. Free arms come in handy for tight spot stitching, children's clothing (repair) and crafts.

    At this point I'd like to own yet another machine, I'd replace the White with a machine that is capable of Really sewing jeans or leather.( My older straight stitch Singer sewing machine that I Gave away did, and an older White that I gave away did too.) I'll probably go with Singer again Unless Consumer Reports gives a heads up on another brand.

    Opt for a cheaper- good brand -basic model to start.

    Most stitching is either straight or zigzag. Even if you get a machine with Lots of bells and whistles, the more complicated a machine is to run --the more likely it is to break down.

    Check out Consumer reports on best buy, maintenance.

    Source(s): Sewing for years, Do not have a fancy electronic machine with bells and whistles. Relative bought one; the machine stayed in the shop more than she got to use it. She finely just let it turn into a dust collector. Brings her sewing to me.
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    Go to a place that sells machines and look at the different models. Good advice is if it looks complicated it probably is. Pick a machine with less extras. Most likely you will not use them anyway. Walmart sells a machine under $100 called singer simple. It might a good one to think about.

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    You should go toa place where sewing machines are sold, ask a person that works there, they will kow.

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    i use a walmart brother machine that cost a little over 100 dollars, straight stitch and zig zag.

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    I'd say Model BLCC Crafter's Choice, it has many options and its really easy to use heres the link

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