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Are you overall enthusiastic or reticent about the new Transformers movie?

Please give your age in your answer, or say if you were alive when Transformers premiered in 1983/'84. I am 26, almost 27, and I am reticent about it. I ask for ages out of demographic curiousity.

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    I'm 23 and I don't see what the big deal is about. Why all the hype? I'm not for or against it, but I think we should at least wait for it to come out before we start talking about how awesome it is.

  • I'm excited. I love to see things from my past remade. It brings a here and now element. I mean Bumblebee will be a Camaro instead of a VW Bug. But that's a sign of the times. I mean you have to take it for what it is, a modern day action movie. If you expect the past and same storyline then stay in the past.

    I have a few toys from the 80s including a G1 Optimus Prime from 1988. I just found it at my mom's house over the weekend. Boy did that bring back memories. I'm surprised I still had it considering we moved so much. The thing is still in excellent condition. This in itself got me even more pumped for the movie. I'm not enthusiastic over the movie but I have enthusiasm because for a least a couple of hours I get to revisit a concept I loved when I was growing up. Whether it is good or bad, we shall see on July 4th!

    I am 26.

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    I am 25 and I am so happy the new Transformers movie premieres tomorrow....I saw again the '86 movie two days ago with my son...I'm so glad that new generations could see all that good stuff from our childhood but the newer versions of it....

    I like the way Bay and Spielberg turned those old robots into something more recent and not the same old stuff....Anyways....they didn't change that much, just the models....

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    I was too old for Transformers when it was out first time. Looked like one of those tacky eighties adverts for toys cartoons. Now it looks really cool, amazing effects and a decent director. I'm a a bit excited.

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    Yeah, Transformers (more than meets eye) I remember when they were new - but I'm not excited about the movie, I'll wait for the DVD

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    Completely enthuiastic. In second grade, Transformers was my passion. I must have owned about 20-25 transformers all together.

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    i been around since the 90's and i am pretty excited for all things with the name transformers on it (i mean transformers not that odd and kind of freaky beast wars) my older brother has a few 80's toys and i have newer generation toys

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    I'm not really looking forward to it. I'm 20, but I remember watching the TV show in the 80's and I didn't like it at all. I'm probably going to be roped into seeing it with my friends, but I can't say I'll jump for joy...

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    very good movie (saw it last night special screening)...I'm 48...probably older than the people that came up with the idea..

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    My son,3 is excited so that's why I can't wait.

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