No energy since i started exercising.?

Since i started working out heavily at the gym two weeks ago, I have noticed i have no energy whatsoever. My knees have also been buckling under the stress. I sleep upwards of 10-12 hours at a time now. I am drinking my recomended protein per day according to my trainer. Also taking Vitamin supplements. I was never this tired before. Could there be something wrong? Any suggestions are appreciated. Im about to lose my will to exercise.


Let me give you a quick update. yes i am getting plenty of good carbs for fuel. I had a nutrituon meeting with my trainer also. About good carbs/bad carbs protein and what i need to do. This program that im going through is basically an 8 week fitness boot camp.

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    I'm No fitness trainer,

    But I would recommend eating a good helping of fruit.

    It's light and should give you an energy boost after work out. Go for oranges and bananas. Drink heaps of water.

    If you have only just started working out this fanatically, your body could be getting rid of toxins and therefore your body feels drained. You should then come right once your body gets used to being detoxed.

    I could be preaching to the quire.

    Hope it helps.

  • keva
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    4 years ago

    sounds like it fairly is likely muscle earnings, as long as you're actually not overdoing carbs too. on the grounds that they're became into sugar interior the physique. eat complicated carbs in case you're actually not already, one hundred% total grains and such. in any different case, merely save up the foodstuff plan and exercising, 2 hours an afternoon is remarkable! i'm fortunate to get 40 5 minutes top now. merely undergo in techniques that muscle weighs extra beneficial than fat and likewise that extra muscle burns extra fat. so which you relatively must have a stable quantity of muscle besides. carry on and the burden will commence lowering, extremely on the grounds which you're purely doing cardio. i could recommend throwing in slightly resistance guidance just to tone and build lean muscle. Like I suggested, muscle will help burn extra fat, even once you're actually not exercising. every time you're eating healthful and exercising, you're actually not heading interior the incorrect direction. concentration extra on your physique fat %, it fairly is a miles extra suitable indicator of wellness than BMI or weight. for females, you pick to be decrease than 31%. i've got have been given a wellness-o-meter scale that calculates physique fat % particularly a lot. stable success and save up the super artwork!

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    athletes need a good balance between carbs and protein. Your diet should consist of something that provides that. My nutritionist recommended eating a banana before a workout. It helped me.

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    1 decade ago

    The key word here is heavily. You are working out too heavily and you need to lighten it up alot. If you are going everyday then you need to stop. You shouldn't be that tired. Take a week off and then go 3 times a week.

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    1 decade ago

    I hope that you arent working the same muscles each day, you need to give your muscles a break, and you should always take a day or two off from intensive workouts. Just relax, but dont eat a lot of anything liek that. Hope you get better.

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    Are you getting enough carbohydrate? Carbs fuel the body. Protein is important, but so are fat and carbs.

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    it's good it means your working your body hard and it is not used to all the exercise, eventually it will get used to this load too and you'll have to work a little harder, it's a vicious cycle but you'll look great ;)

  • Slow it down! Try adding more carbs to your diet also....

  • 1 decade ago

    your diet try eatting the right food that will help

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