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How do you interpret these statistics about numbers of sexual partners?

An excerpt from this article:

"The median number of lifetime female sexual partners for men was seven; the median number of male partners for women was four."

At the end, they add, "The questions about numbers of sexual partners specified heterosexual relationships, and thus the survey did not measure the extent of gay or lesbian sexual partnerships. "

Since every time a man and a woman have sex with each other for the first time, they both add one more notch to their bedpost, you'd think the mean number would have to be at least close for men and women, even if the median is different. I think the statistics here tell us that the women have a more skewed distribution than men - that is, most have had very few partners, but some have to sleep around like crazy to bring the mean number of partners up to the same number as it is for men. Does that sound right to you?

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    It makes sense that men and women should be more close in mean number of sexual partners. Median refers to the middle number of a set of numbers.

    I think the discrepancy might have more to do with stereotypes. Men who sleep with a lot of women are seen as 'studs,' 'macho,' etc. so they would be more likely to report their actual number of partners or a larger number. Women who sleep with a lot of men are more likely to be seen as 'sluts,' 'easy,' etc. so they might under-report their actual number of partners.

    The published study actually say, "Limitations of self-reported data include recall problems and intentional misreporting of behaviours." (p. 2)

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    I have been a working polster for 51 years. Never ran into a midian # or % so low in an Honest quiz. Even in the Morman sponsered UUsl sorority sisters. By age and edu. level

    The numbers were still 16/+ average for thirtyfive year old females.

    12 /- for men in the same Edu/Culture gp.

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    No idea.

    I have only been with one person my whole life. My husband:)

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