Ethnic people, have people said this to you?

I am American with Persian heritage-both my parents were born in America..and people can never tell what I am, I am very white and have dark brown eyes. So they say "your so pretty you must be Italian or Brazialian? I say no guess again, they say irish or British,, I say no I am Persian and their face drops and they say "wow you dont look Persian at all, your so pretty" "I would never think your Persian" "you dont look and act it at all"

I have had hundreds of people tell me this. It makes me feel uncomfortable and weird. Like I interpet it as saying "wow Persians are so ugly but your pretty, its hard to believe your persian cause your not ugly"

Anyone have this happen to you whos of an ethnic background?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You know I don't think Joe American knows what the average persian looks like. I think a lot of them picture like King Abdullah or something.

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    It's ignorance.

    I'm sure you know this as well as I do, but they don't know that Persians share a linguistic heritage with Europe (i.e. - it's easier for an Iranian to learn Russian than Arabic)

    My situation is sort of complicated: I'm American. My parents are from Colombia. Many Americans ask me "where are you from?" and I answer "New York" and they're like "no, I meant before that"

    The times I've traveled overseas, I've been told: "You're American? I thought you were from South America (or Filipino, or Central Asian)" and I explain: "My origin is Colombian"

    People are under the impression that all Americans are either black or white, or that Persians are all dark-skinned, robed, and hairy (which I know is not true).

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    I get that a lot, as well. I'm Filipino-American, but I have much lighter skin and a different face structure from most Filipinos. I'm not sure if it's because there is a bit of Chinese blood on my mom's side or what, but most people usually think I'm either Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, or something else.

    On the contrary, I think Persian people are really beautiful and exotic-looking, and I believe that all races have the same amount of ugly and beautiful-looking people. I think it might just be the American concept of Middle Easterners. Sorry that's happened to you, though.

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    For the most part t is human curiosity but what they said to you was straight out ignorant. I am of mixed heritage, Spanish, black-dominican and east-Indian and people are always asking me what I am.

    Me and my buddies went to a concert and we met two Persian cousins... They will be forever remembered as the Persian princesses. They were hot!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is because you live in America where people are too stupid to be taken seriously.

    Persian women are regarded throughout the rest of the world as the most beautiful. Except America of course...where women have to be deformed with breasts like a cow and lips like pillows.

    I travel to America Persian girlfriend is at university there....but I hate this kind of crass stupidity.

    I am sure there are attractive American girls...but really...they are behind the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm Filipino with a European mix so I'm very caucasian looking. People always asked me if I was Greek of Middle Eastern. Not too many ignorant people except for when I first moved here ( I was born and raised in the Philippines) I still had an accent so the high school kids asked me why I talked funny. A group of them actually asked me if we lived in trees!!!!! Along with the questions about "do you guys like wear clothes or like walk around naked?". Lots of ignorant people. However since I lost the accent and I look white, I don't get quite as many ignorant questions.

  • 1 decade ago

    What a depressing question. It's depressing because it just allows those of us who are not the ideal standard of beauty in this country to be self-hating people. To add to what Manillo said, the idea of having to justify your humanity by claiming to have 'Indian', or Irish, or Italian, in you to counter the less desired attributes of being black is just so insidious and tedious to the psyche.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't get offended its because they didnt know how you guys looked cause in America we see the ugliest parts and the ugliest faces sort of when it comes to other countries off of TV

    I;m ethiopian and i've been confused for so many things but mainly its are you arab.i've never been told you dont look ethiopian though.But still i can relate to you but i agree with the other poster i hate when they say what are you ebcause i get an ery feeling that they think im some sort of creature also.

  • NiKkY
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    1 decade ago

    Yes. I am Cuban, both my parents were born in Cuba but I was born in Miami. A lot of people can never guess what I am because I have very fare skin and dark hair and eyes.They always say the same thing when they find out. "Oh I would have never guessed because you are so light and pretty."

    I know exactly how you feel.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm African American. I have a very good grade of hair. It is jet black and I have never added color to it. When it is straightened it becomes very silky. Whenever I do straighten it, I get asked all the time, are you mixed? Does your family have Indian in it? I tell them no. &they're like wow, really?

    I see some people who aren't mixed, but do anything to make their hair look wavy, longer, or straighter. And when people ask them if they're mixed, they happily say they have Indian or whatever in their family.

    Seems like people are afraid of their African roots. Anyone who is beautiful and is African others try to distance their beauty from those African roots and relate it to other roots.

    To tell you the truth, I think many of us are all a bit mixed up somehow, but they way people go about approaching it and oohing and ahhing over it it's like African-Americans can't have good hair /skin, or anything for that matter without being mixed.

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