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Dachshund puppies?

I was thinking of buying a puppy from a breeder, but she was selling them when they were only 7 weeks old. Is that too young to be taken away from their mothers? They were really small and not very interactive.

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    This is too young to let the puppies go. It's a much easier transition at 10-12 weeks (for puppy and owner). Many say 8 weeks is ok; however, I feel 8 is still a little early. I have researched breeders in my area for months, and the puppy I will pick up next week is 14 weeks old. The breeder I found to be most reputable does not let hers go until 12 weeks.

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    YES! That is too young of an age to seperate a puppy and his mother apart. At least wait for 8-10 weeks of age. If you take a puppy away from it's mother earlier, then, they can have a bad behavior when they are older.

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    Always check local shelters before purchasing from a breeder. Nearly 50% of all shelter dogs are purebred, and dachshunds are quite common. You can also google "dachshund rescue" to find a rescue in your area dealing with that particular breed

    Source(s): 2 years volunteer experience at my local Humane Society
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    7 weeks is about the age that they go to their new homes. Don't get a puppy that is not active with you or the others. Stay away from puppy mills too (if they have more then 2 litters of puppies at a time it's a puppy mill)

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    At the very earliest the pups should be taken from their mum is 8 weeks, are you sure the breeder wasn't maybe just accepting orders then ready for pick up at 8 weeks?

    If not then I would not buy from her.

    Why not go to a rescue centre :)

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    I think you already know the answer. No good breeder would take them that early.

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    IDK But I have a 6 wk. old puppy that is very interactive and is a Miniature Dachshund.

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