How can anyone justify abortion?

I am so sick of the same pro choice justifacations, it isn't a real person just a clump of cells, it is a womans choice, what if they were raped, it is just a fetus not a baby, what if you can't afford the baby, what if it was a mistake my birth control failed. All of this makes me sick, the bottom line is that you are killing a baby period end of story.


Patrick, you are a very sick confused person. I feel very sorry for you, you must live a miserable life.

Update 2:

To all of you, can you give me the exact moment when a "fetus" is in your mind a living human. I mean the exact moment not just a month or a week. If you can do that you may have an argument that I can at least understand, no matter how terrible it is.

Update 3:

Lisa, I do agree with you, but I am not concerned about the womans health I am concerned about the health of the baby she is murdering.

Update 4:

Lisa, would you consider someone being put to death by lethal injection a medical procedure that is none of your business. An abortion is the same thing it is not a medical procdure it is a cold blooded murder.

Update 5:

Saphira, the funny thing about your answer is that you used the word babies, not fetus. You must support killing babies, nice.

Update 6:

One final comment, one of your biggest arguments is that a woman can do what she wants with her body, and I agree with you 100%, my problem is with the life these women are destroying when they have an abortion, if you still don't think a fetus is a seperate life than the woman than how can the babies DNA be different when the egg is fertilized? I have never heard a good answer to that one.

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    I absolutely agree with you. The pro-choice justifications can easily be countered.

    An fertilized egg might not be a person, but it's still a potential person and we should never prevent it from becoming one. You can't equate a fertilized egg to just any part of a woman's body because it has a separate DNA from the woman and it grows and develops into a separate person and eventually leaves the woman's body. In contrast, other parts of a woman's body don't grow into anything other than themselves and they stay in the woman's body forever.

    The argument that it's a woman's right to choose simply does not work. Women do have the right to choose: Abstinence or birth control. The right to choose comes at the moment of sex. By having unprotected sex, you made your choice already. As for failure in birth control, condoms are 97% effective when used properly, so a failure in birth control is greatly unlikely. Why do pro-choicers even bring up the issue of rape when only 1% of abortions are done in rape cases? What if you can't afford the baby? Well, you should have thought of that before had unprotected sex! What do we do in these circumstances? ADOPTION! There are always alternatives to abortion. There's always a way around it.

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    There is no need to justify it.

    Just because you happen to oppose it on a personal level does not mean that others who choose abortions have to justify their choice with you or anyone else for that matter.

    Women who choose abortions do not seek your approval.

    You do not have the right to tell women not to have an abortion. Just because you think it's killing a baby does not make that a fact, nor does it mean everyone believes what you believe.

    Whether you like it or not-it IS in fact a women's choice. As long as it is inside of her body, she calls the shots.

    It will remain legal, and there are currently 7 US states that will protect abortion rights and the Supreme court will have no say. The right of abortion will be protected by the states. And you can bet that more states will follow.

    Do you realize how many orphans exist already in this world right now that need to be adopted? Do you blindly believe that every infant that is born without a family is guaranteed a family in a stable environment?

    Do you care as much about those babies & children and helping them belong to families they can call their own?

    You really need to stop wasting your time and energy on something that you have no control over and have no say in.

    If you seriously care about the well being of children, you should do something that you can assist in changing and what is worth your while-which is helping the millions of orphans that already exist here today.

    I'll say it again-babies that are born and put up for adoption are not guaranteed to get a loving family. Many end up jumping from foster care to foster care-that is NOT stability, which is extremely important.

    Try to be a part of the SOLUTION, and not add to the existing problem.

    Source(s): People who choose to impose their beliefs on others and want to force them to make choices they do not want to make, are one type of person that makes ME sick... <PRO-CHOICE>
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    Since you believe that your opinion about abortions is the most important, I hope that you and jkhtown both get someone pregnant and they abort your babies!


    When I'm talking to someone who is not listening i have to use their terminology, for them to understand. You never cared what the opposing side really had to say, you just wanted to repeat the same question you've been asking. The good news is the world continues to give women the right to choose regardless of your opinions.

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    Well Sarge, how can any man justify interfering in the personal medical matters of a woman? How about every time us women get a pap smear, we send the reports to the male beurocratic government figures and let them decide to do regarding any female reproductive health matters? Or better yet, since you want to intgerfere so much, why don't they send all women's reproductive health records to you. It's none of your business. So stay out of the decision processes of other people's medical matters. End of Story.

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    A human being can and never will be just a clump of cells, if that were true you would guilty of mass murder every time you got injured etc..

    The biggest problem for me with the anti-abortion crowd is that your definition of what is human life and what is not is arbitrary and is based on the bible.

    I don't have problems with preventing abortion for things that we can all clearly agree is human life, but have problems when it comes to trying to regulate the gray areas.

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    How about pro-it'snoneyabusiness. It's their life and they will have to answer for it; not you. Why can't you just mind your own business and let others mind theirs? You can't control it, you can't change it, it just is. Deal with the things you can do something about and quit trying to be someone elses conscience.

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    The only one needing justification is the woman having the abortion. She doesnt have to justify it to anyone else. It is her personal/medical decision. It is not anyone elses business.

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    Because then all of the women would'nt be able to be promiscious without consequences. That would take away their freedom of having unprotected, pre-marital sex.

    Hey, if you get pregnant, no big deal! Kill the baby, and stay out of my life!

    It really is sad to see how far liberals will go to destroy the moral fiber of America.

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    I think a nonlethal method of terminating pregnancy is needed to save the lives of babies who would otherwise be aborted. -- A place to discuss developing nonlethal weapons and nonlethal pregnancy termination technology.

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    In the United States, the termination of a pregnancy is a legal right, so it doesn't need to be justified - simply protected.

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