Why aren't there suicide bombings in the United States?

Don't get me wrong, I am very glad we have been relatively safe from the work of 'Jihad,' but after really thinking about the situation, I don't understand why we aren't hearing of attacks inside the United States everyday.

It is no secret that these terrorist groups despise the United States on a level only below Israel.

Getting inside our country would of course not be a problem, as one would have to try pretty hard to be caught. Most of these explosives can be made legally without buying illegal equipment.

The only guess I can come up with is they are plotting for one giant strike to kick things off. If even one was successful, which wouldn't be a hard feat, we would step up security instantly, as this would hit closer to home than the violence in Iraq most Americans are sheltered from. This really scares me, as this is the only rational explanation I can think of.


The Patriot Act? To think that there are not terrorist cells operating in our country right now is naive...

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    Patriot act? the hell?

    The US is more homocide and murder based than actual suicide bombing based, suicide bombers are retarded in their ability to kill someone....

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    Standard suicide bombings don't actually take a whole lot of people with the fanatic. In Israel, there's no shortage of would-be suicide bombers, so that's not a problem. There aren't nearly so many good candidates in the US - and even some of those who infiltrate the US might re-think the idea once they find out what it's really like here. That, and the Media's tendency to want sensational stories (is "suicide bomber kills 5" really that major when a crazy kid with a gun can kill 30 college students?) has possibly led to a focus on higher-profile attacks, like 9/11. You can't do as many of them, or do them often, but you make maximum use of those jihadis you can find or successfully place in the US, and you get the desired media exposure and a real sense of a major victory.

  • Nick F
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    1 decade ago

    Because the stupid ones get caught and the smart ones are waiting for the time when there will be the best opportunity to create terror(when we feel safe and least expect it).

    I agree with the conclusion you reached in the 4th paragraph.

    Al Queda's MO has always been to have a big attack and then wait for years until everything dies down and then repeat.

    In reply to Darkpaths "Terrorists would prefer to stay in the shadows and pick their targets carefully, so as not to bring about a huge backlash against people of their faith and ethnicity"

    I disagree with this, this is the last thing they are concerned about, this would actually help them.

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    Unfortunatly I have no real answer. It is one thing that I have always been confused by too. Terrorists - Specialist is causing fear or terror. If a terrorist blew themselves up in a small USA city of 20,000 outside a supermarket then wouldn't every other city in the United States become fearful of even going shopping? Isn't that what they want? I don't rightfully know.

    So until I find out another reason, I'm going to say they don't attack us here domestically because we have the world's finest police force and the world's finest military! Hooah!

    God Bless the Troops

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Several reasons:

    1. Most of the worst jihad idiots are either in Afghanistan or Iraq and they are a bit busy.

    2. Bush has established some actions that make it more difficult for them to work within the US borders. The Patriot Act is only part of that, although it is probably the main thing, as difficult as it is to put up with.

    3. Most military and law enforcement in the US is on the lookout for possible problems.

    However, once the liberals take control of the White House, they will immediately pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and then the terrorists will turn their full attention to the US, and Pelosi, Reid and their ilk will never understand why this is happening, since they are so out of touch.

  • 1 decade ago

    People in the U.S. wouldn't stand for Islamic suicide attacks with the frequency of those in Iraq or Israel. That's why it hasn't really occurred outside 9/11. There would be such a public outcry. Tensions are already quite high between the two groups, the U.S. citizenry would probably pull people of Middle Eastern descent out of their homes and beat them to death, similar to the L.A. riots in '92 except probably on a much wider scale.

    Terrorists would prefer to stay in the shadows and pick their targets carefully, so as not to bring about a huge backlash against people of their faith and ethnicity.

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    Muslims that committ themseves in "defending Islam", see it as there is not another way about it. They believe that their sacrify is not only good for them but also for an honor for their family, their country and their religion. It is a sacrify done in the name of God (or Alah) and think that their reward will be instant "heaven". They really believe it. It is worth noting that only the "soldiers" or those that don't count as much, NEVER the leaders that sacrify. For an american terrorist to do that kind of sacrify, he must "loco" or out his mind. He will think about it and at the end won't do it. To the most, he will activate the "bomb" far away from a safe place, just as McVale did. He will ask the leader: "You want me to do what?" " Are you CRAZY?". See? No commitement, no guts. Let's thanks God for that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think a lot has to be said about how great a nation this is. Everyone can be prosperous here. No bad quality of life, no suicide bombers...

    I believe they are capable, but our progressive society can use cell phones, defend its most important structures, and if necessary use racial profiling. I am happy we aren't being attacked, but don't forget, we know about at least 3 attacks that were foiled.

  • Dina W
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    1 decade ago

    The patriot act.

    I did not say that there were not any cells in the USA... The patriot act in itself states quite the opposite,

    The congress realized that there were people in our country that wanted to do harm to its citizens, that is why in regarding terrorists suspects, it is much easier to gather information on them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Fear of our reacting like we did in Afghanistan keeps countries from sponsoring terrorism in the US.

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