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Do these 3 things work?? Look at details..?

Does the Bed head straightening shampoo work?? and whats it called becuase i went online and all that was there was control freak which like give u straight hair or curls which idk how becuase i just want straight but how do u get it without getting curly??

and does the bender ball really help u get abs fast??


and how do u know?

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    You're better of getting a good shampoo to strengthen your hair and then get a smoothing creme specifically for straightening your hair.

    I don't know what the "bender ball" is, but I also suggest searching online to find good ab workouts. I got abs from swimming for pleasure, and playing softball all my life. Just get active.

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    None of those shampoos work, they might make it a little bit more manageable while you actually straighten it with an iron, but you still have to go thru the long process. Not like what it seems, that you come out of the shower and it dries straight.

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    it keeps it strgight

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