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Ladies, Unisex bathroom in dorm....what would you have done?

I went visiting my boyfriend in his new dorm. He has a co-ed dorm with a co-ed floor. I needed to pee really, really bad and he said don't worry the bathroom is co-ed. As I walked in I was releaved to see a couple girls walk out with towels wrapped around them. But I got a shock as I opened the door and there was 2 huge guys completly naked toweling off. They just said hi and went back to talking about the football program. I got a second shock when I saw the stalls had no doors and faced directly these nude dudes. I had to pee so bad I had no choice but pee in front of 2 naked strangers facing me who made no attempt to hide their swinging members as I peed. I finished and rushed out.

What would you have done in that situation? Would you have kept you eyes shut the whole time peeing?

Whould you have turned and left at first glance of naked strangers?


Which is worse to you, peeing without privacy or seeing naked strangers of the oppsite sex?

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    I too would file a complaint with the resident adviser. I've got two kids in college and both live in coed dorms but they do not have coed bathrooms. Women's bathrooms are down one side of the hall and the men's are down the other.

    Relieving yourself is a rather private matter and I would have felt very uncomfortable, probably to the point of not being able to go. What would you have done if you had to go more that just pee?

    Also, what if it were the men and women taking a shower together instead of just the guys? Something doesn't seem right,

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    =\ This is just another reason for me to save all my money so I can live in an apartment during college..

    Eventually I would really need to go and I would just put up my own blockade (attach a sheet, or something..) Or you could go behind the building and build your own outhouse.. Or just go behind the building in general.

    If it was your own dorm, I'd ask permission to turn the closet into a bathroom, paid for all by yourself! I mean, you have a dresser anyway. (I'm in a college program for girls [entering 9th-entering college] and we stayed in dorm rooms all the time. We had uber amounts of room.)

    Yeahh.. I think I'd hang around and wait until they left, then locked the door and used the facilities. I'm just daring like that.

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    this is going to be down to a persons own boundaries but i doubt most women when faced with this without warning would like it too much, perhaps next time you visit you can find a nearby restaurant or a disabled toilet in the dorm would probably only have one stall, don't do anything you dont feel comfortable with even if everyone else views it as the norm

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    I would have asked them politely if they could possibly scooch a little to the right so I could have my privacy. I'm sure they wouldn't have minded. If for some reason they were jerks and wouldn't move, I would have probably got my boyfriend (if I had to pee really bad, to ask them if he could give me privacy) and if not, I would have waited for a gas station!

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    Well I don't see the problem, I would have just peed like you did. Have you never seen naked guys? if they weren't harassing you or anything then you should just enjoy the community experience of being so close to the opposite sec while peeing haha.

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    I would have peed. They are probably used to it and you are all adults and so it shouldn't really matter. It wouldn't make a difference to me especially if the guys were good looking.

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    i would file a complaint to the dean and told them i have a right to my privacy and boycotted the bathrooms.

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    wow that is like super awkward i have no idea but i would have prolly gone to the gas station or anywhere else. that is embarrassing!

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