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What can i bring to keep me intertained on a plane?

I am flying tommorow, and i am already bringing my iPod, a book of find a word puzzles, and my cell phone. Is there anything else i could bring to keep me intertained?

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    you have to keep your cell phone off. if you are fliying continental on a 767 or 777 they have tv's in the back of each seat with inflight movies. all frontier and jet blue seats have their own tv's. some airlines have radios at each seat, but thats what the ipod is for. you should be fine

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    Well, first off, unless your cell phone has an "airplane" mode where it only lets you use your games (NO TEXTS OR CALLS) you will not be able to use it, because the transmitting of messages (ie texts or calls) messes with the navigation system.

    Depending on how long your flight is, it may have a movie and some TV shows, but that is generally reserved for flights longer than four hours.

    You could bring a book or a journal of some sort. You could write letters to your friends while you are flying.

    Also, you may want to pick up a magazine at a store before you go.

    Or you could just do my favorite thing - put on my iPod, lean back in the chair, and take a nice nap. :)

    Happy flying!

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    1) As other people have said, you can't have your cell phone on during the flight -- and that's not just an arbitrary rule, cell phones can mess with the equipment on the plane, so it's important to turn it off.

    2) Your iPod is good, but you may have to keep it off during take-off and landing; listen to the flight attendant's instructions as to when you can turn on electronic devices.

    3) The book of find-a-word puzzles will probably keep you entertained the best. Bring other things along those lines: other kinds of puzzles (crosswords, sudoku, etc.), books or magazines to read, a journal or notebook to write or draw in, even schoolwork for if you get REALLY bored.

    4)If you're traveling with someone, or you think you'll make friends with someone sitting next to you, you can bring magnetic travel game sets like this one for checkers/chess: http://www.shopping.com/xPO-Travel-Magnetic-Checke... or snap-in game sets like Travel Scrabble: http://www.thesavvytraveller.com/tools/1travel_gam... (it's more expensive, but it's fun; look for cheaper sets at toy stores). You can also play tic-tac-toe or hangman with other people.

    5) If it's a long or overnight flight, you might want to bring an eye mask to help you sleep. And don't forget gum, so your ears don't pop!

    Good luck!

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    You can't use your cell phone on a plane so that won't help. I always bring my iPod, a book of croosword puzzles and a novel, plus a blanket and pillow. If it's less than a 10 hour flight, that should be enough.

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    Get one of those books with the magic pen that reveals the answer. Still fun when you're older! Download some games onto your cell too, usually only 5 bucks or so and pretty good.

    Edit: I thought phones only had to be off during takeoff and landing.

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    well cell phone is no good on the plane because you got turn it off but in airport its OK.if like video games PSP would help.laptop very nice to bring along it will games the Internet pics music etc.just remember all these electronic devices are fun and help boredom but they will be frequent turning on and off,High security of airports these days also factor,recharging batteries.

    hope that helps have fun on your trip.

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    sounds like you got it covered. however, maybe you should take a dictionary? Look up "intertained" and repost when you get back from your trip to tell us the meaning. Good luck finding it.

  • That should be enough.... However, you will not be able to use your cell phone.... All cell phones have to be turned off during the flight.

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    A laptop,magazines,phone(of course),book,novel,cd player,mp3 player,and they,ll ask you if you want to watch tv,eat,and sleep.

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    bring a dictionary, maybe by the time you land you will know how to spell.

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