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I absolutely freakin hate myhair!!!?

i am so very tired of my hair. its always greasy, dirty, and itchy. it is also damaged and has product buildup. what shud i do? also im thinking about usind, redken, deep brilliance,and paul mitchell wax works

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    STOP USING HAIR PRODUCTS. go in the shower shampoo ur hair and towl dry. THATS IT. once the build up and stuff goes away then u can use hair products. but not a lot...gel,hairspray..etc

    GOOD LUCK :)

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    Wash it if it's dirty? If you mean oily, the use a shampoo for oily hair. Try to use minimal hair products. None if you can.

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    well...u shouldn't hate any part of your body.what if you didn't have hair?what would u do?something is better than nothing.atleast u have you shouldn't be hating your doesn't matter what kind of hair you have!!atleast u have hair!!

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