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i have really hairy arms and there dark but my mom wont let me shave them so whatr should i do?

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    Don't be embarrassed. I've NEVER heard even the shallowest of my friends comment on a woman's arm hair. Honest.

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    If she really won't let you shave or wax, then buy some of that spray summer highlighting stuff for hair. It's basically peroxide, and you can gradually lighten the hair so it's not noticeable. I'm not sure if it would work on really dark coarse hair, but it's pretty cheap so you can only try.

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    Thank your mom.

    You do NOT want to shave any hair on your body unless you want it to grow back thicker and darker!

    If the hair on your arms really bothers you then you could try bleaching it. Try Jolen cream bleach (facial bleach). Lighter hair won't be as noticeable as darker hair.

    The only other option for removing or masking hair on your arms would be laser hair removal. I think that would cost around $1500. So you might have to visit cheaper avenues of making your arm hair stand out less.

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    You could try bleaching it. There are several products at any drug or discout store that would work. It lightens the hair and makes it less noticeable and it lasts a lot longer than hair removal. There's also no stubble to grow back and look weird. Once you're old enough to make your own decisions, you could look into laser hair removal. It's relatively painless and permanent.

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    Nair ur arms u can buy it at walmart for a couple $$ and u really do NOT want to shave ur arms u will regret it trust me! or u can wax also

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    You DO NOT want to shave them. I did when I was younger and it just grew in coarser and darker. Waxing is the best because it lasts a couple to a few weeks and in time, the hair grows back finer and lessens too.

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    Umm..Well i wouldnt shave your arms because if you do they will come back thicker and darker. Trust me. My friend does hers and now she wishes that she never done it b4.

    You just have to live with it. If people like you they wont care about your arms. And if people bother you about your arms then they are more than likley makeing fun of you because they hate the way that THEY look.


    You can e-mail me if you ever wanna talk about it.

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    I have hairy arms but I'm confident with it. I used to feel embarrassed but I learned people still love me with or without hairy arms.

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    Tell your mom you respect her wishes but you feel really embarassed and you would like to wax it. And yes, wax it, don't shave it because little hairs would be growing back in each day.

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    Jergens lotion has something for hair to look less noticeable. You can try it. It's called Jergens Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer.

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