why does my messenger 8 show me im sending a sms text but my wife cant recieve it when she has verizon.?

ive always used yahoo messenger 8 and all the options have always worked. but now it shows me sending a text but my wife doesnt get it and yet my brother sends one thru messnger and she recieves it. is there a enable option i dont no about. the problem just began a week ago. she says im not blocked from her phone and ive tried other people the same way and none of them get my texts and it shows that ive sent them. everone i send to is a verizon phone so it should work.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    we had the same problem verizon has to use a special link to get to im i know i had to approve it before i could recieve any from my hubby has she tried to send you a text from her phone maybe that would help best of luck

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